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Your PPC Strategy Should Look Like This In 2020

By: Jeremy Bowler


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All industries have a reflection and rejuvenation period at the start of every decade. The marketing industry is no different. The bread and butter of all marketing companies and businesses looking to start a marketing campaign is the PPC (pay-per-click) ad. This type of ad is the most cost-effective as it’s essentially like an ambush predator. It can lay in wait for so long and then suddenly strike when it’s needed.

When the right consumer comes along, the ad will leap out at them and snatch them away to your lair. The world of PPC ads has changed, although not in drastic measures, so it definitely warrants reflection for your business.

Program and automate

Rather than writing algorithms and sitting back to see who bites, you can work with Google to automate your PPC ads. Study the click and conversion rates. You’ll need to form a scope of profiles to narrow down who your key demographic really is. By setting up accurate conversion tracking, you will be able to monitor whether or not your demographics change. If and when they change, you can pull the ad and then create a new or change the existing to fit them.

Google uses machine learning to select what kind of profile your ads will be targeting. The algorithm you write will help the A.I. learn quicker and allow you to have a hands-off approach. The machine learning A.I. will take over and target consumers who have searched for the keywords and key phrases in your PPC algorithm.

Social media blitz

Social media is a fantastic place to exist as a business. However, you need to abide by the terms of the users on social media. In other words, businesses cannot dictate how their message is perceived as they can on other platforms like their own website or Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Places like Facebook and Twitter are great places for PPC ads as many people get their news and daily updates on the things they’re interested in, on such platforms. Using a ppc marketing agency you can create PPC ads specifically for social media platforms, which coincide with cultural movements and or popular hashtags.

A professional agency knows that client communication is one of their best strengths and they will take pride in understanding your business. They will create your message for an audience that is most prevalent on social media–i.e. teenagers and millennials.

A 10-second bumper

As with many social media platforms, a bumper video advertisement is one of the most effective options out there. This is a relatively new PPC type of ad. It’s designed to automatically play when the user scrolls over its position on the page. Thus, filming a 10-second ad is immensely in your benefit, as it doesn’t cost much to make and it can give a strong message in a very short amount of time. 

Automation is going to play a huge role in PPC ads as Google implements machine learning A.I. it’s therefore invaluable to create a flexible yet accurate algorithm, so the target audience can be changed at will. 

Published: February 25, 2020

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