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Why Traditional Mail Marketing Works Great for Branding

By: Ryan Kidman


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Traditional mail marketing is still popular and, more importantly, effective for a lot of businesses. It’s a cost-effective marketing method, and it doesn’t have a lot of competition.

The main goal of envelopes is to deliver special messages and important invitations while sharing great emotion. That’s why they have to be authentic, attractive, and unique. How your envelope is designed makes a huge difference in how your message is received and marketed. Personalized envelopes are a perfect option for this kind of marketing.

Simply put, even if you have a strong emotional message to deliver, it won’t have that effect if you send it in a bare-bones package. If you want something more elegant, personalized envelopes are the right solution for your business. With customized printing, you can make your message come across with full power.

Here are some of the benefits of personalized envelopes for a business.

Better Marketing Results

You want to make sure every potential customer is getting your message in a personalized package. Use these envelopes to show them that you care about their needs and experiences. At the same time, you can open up a direct communication channel with people.

On the other hand, custom envelopes can be a great option for B2B marketing. In this sphere, businesses need to look professional and present themselves to potential partners in the best way possible.

Branding Matters

Sending out typical envelopes that you bought at a store won’t do your business much good in being recognized. Branding is important for every business, and one of the biggest aspects of branding is memorable visuals.

All the designs and visual elements your brand has, including marketing materials such as envelopes. They need to have consistent branding, your logo, colors, graphics, and theme. That way, you can build a recognizable brand that will convey certain emotions and messages.

The messages you are sending via your envelopes need to be consistent with the brand imagery to achieve the best results. Custom envelopes give you the option to showcase your brand in its fullest glory.

Increase the Chances of People Reading Your Messages

A typical white envelope can look dull and unimportant. People receive all kinds of mail that aren’t relevant to them. They often just toss their mail away as soon as it arrives because there’s nothing about the envelope design telling them that they should open it.

Personalized envelopes intrigue, look distinct, showcase your uniqueness and a sense of importance. Whether you are sending promotion materials, marketing pitches, or you are just wishing your customers happy holidays – a personalized envelope will make the whole thing more special.

People are more likely to open your mail and read it if it makes a great first impression. A good design will get you there. At the same time, they will remember your brand for a long time. The more people read what your envelope contains, the more of them will engage with your business.

Your Business Will Look More Professional

Appearances matter – that’s a simple truth. It might seem superficial, but people who have never heard about your business will judge you by your looks. It makes perfect sense.

If you invest in looking professional and presenting your business the right way, you will leave a better first impression. For a regular customer, the thought process is pretty simple – “if they have money to invest in a nice design, they probably do solid business.”

In many cases, this is true. Provide the best services/products possible but make sure to present them the right way. People want to be customers of exceptional businesses, not some typical “nobodies.”

Easy To Open

Custom envelopes often come with a sleek peel & stick design, and people only have to use their hands to easily remove the cover on top of the envelope. Nothing will be destroyed in the process, and the envelope will open quickly.

If you allow customers to immerse into the message you send them, they will repay you. People often destroy envelopes when opening them because they don’t have the patience to get a letter opener or box cutter and do it properly.


Lots of businesses can benefit from stylish mail envelopes. You can use them for event invites, weddings, anniversaries, and sending marketing materials. They have an important role in how people perceive your brand and whether they will give your business a chance, so don’t miss out on them.

Published: February 5, 2021

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