It’s always a good idea to plan out your marketing strategies ahead of taking action, but if you don’t understand what is happening in the world of digital marketing, you will not be able to achieve your goals. Here are some trends to spot:

Artificial Intelligence

If you aren’t using artificial intelligence, you should consider it. Already, AI is popular. Just think about Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and the others who do what you tell them to do. Beyond those, AI is showing up in medicine, training, marketing and more.

AI is able to evaluate consumer behavior patterns, by reading social media posts and blogs. You could get a sense of why your customers love you and why the others don’t. This will help you plan for future purchases. AI also provides tips and information. By next year, 25 percent of customer service will use chatbot technology.

Target Specific Audiences

Programmatic advertising is growing as a tool for companies. It uses AI to automate ad buying, such as bidding or auctions. This form of advertising is quick and has a higher conversion rate. That, in turn, means the customer acquisition costs are lower. It is expected that by next year,

90 percent of all digital display ads will be programmatic. You need to incorporate programmatic advertising in your marketing efforts.


This tech is based on AI. It uses instant messaging to chat in real time around the clock with site visitors or customers. More than a billion people chat with these bots, which means business owners are ready to use them for 2020. Chatbots allow customers to interact without the CSR losing patience. They also are more responsive and bring up your purchasing history. They are better at meeting customer services and can automate repetitive tasks.

Personalize Your Marketing

This idea is not new. It has been a staple of companies for hundreds of years. However, it lost its flavor for a while. Well, guess what? It is coming back in style because people want to feel special before they will buy from you. For digital marketing, personalization means creating personalized content, products and e-mails. One way to do this is to collect data available about purchase history, customer behavior and browsing history and use that data in your messages.

Video Marketing

This has been growing for many years now. You should be using video in your marketing regardless of what you are selling. Even services should have video marketing.

For example, accountants can discuss types of businesses and when to use them. The videos can explain the tax implications relating to each business type. Just look at the numbers to see that video is important. At least 70 percent of people have shared a brand’s video; more than 70 percent believe videos improve conversion rates; about half say watching videos give people confidence in purchasing decisions; and two-thirds of executives visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video.

Successful business owners assess these trends in digital marketing so they can capitalize on them for the remainder of the year. What’s your plan?