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7 Trends to Watch When Designing a Brochure

7 Trends to Watch When Designing a Brochure

When marketing a company, business owners often think they can do everything online. They soon realize, usually at an event, that they need some type of brochure to give to people.

Potential customers like to have a takeaway that they can scan at their leisure. That’s why graphic designers continue to be needed for print marketing. However, you don’t have to have the same old brochure design. You can choose to be bold and follow brochure design trends that will make your marketing unique.

Follow the Rainbow

Companies are forgoing conservative colors in favor of colors that are bolder and attractive. Marketers are using bright colors to make their brand more unique and memorable. They want the color to attract the attention of potential customers. Companies are using this color trend already, but experts predict the trend will get hotter and colors will get bolder.

Focus the Eyes

Color brings attention to a piece, but so does typography. The trend is to use a main focal point for the eyes. Fonts let the reader narrow their focus on certain words. The fonts show strength, innovation, and uniqueness. Strong fonts are also easy to read on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Bold typography will be the focus for brochures.

Future Is Now

Designers are using more futuristic looks. They are exploring geometric shapes, futuristic color pallets, and abstract patterns to make their clients’ brochures stand out in the crowd. These futuristic looks are attracting attention, and people are embracing the abstract and innovative designs.

Black, White, and Gray Takes Over

A lot of companies are creating brochures in black, white and gray. This absence of color is making a statement similar to those brochures designed with vivid colors. Besides black and white, companies are turning to contrasting light and dark, such as navy and baby blue. This trend is allowing companies to have a unique brand. Black, white and gray or light and dark is becoming popular.

Shade the Design

Complex gradients and shading in design are being used to add dimension to a look. These gradients are becoming more and more complicated and creative. In the old days, the gradients stayed in the background. Today, gradients are showing up in the actual picture or words. People are taking to these new looks.

Choose One Color

Designers have explored using black and white, vivid colors or trying to accomplish all they need to do with one or two colors. Using one color is difficult for artists, but those that do it and do it well, are accomplishing a branding technique others envy. They aren’t sticking to traditional colors for minimalism, but they are choosing bold colors for their one-color scheme.

Draw Pictures

Companies are not using stock photos but instead are having artists draw elaborate illustrations. These illustrations are whimsical and send a unique message. Companies are capitalizing with these novel illustrations. When companies do use stock photos, they are picking ones that look like individuals took them. They don’t look like professional-grade stock photos, so customers don’t know they are stock photos.

Published: March 26, 2019

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