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Sales Enablement Software – Is it Worth the Investment?

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In this day in age, we all want ways to make our jobs easier and our businesses more efficient. Technology and software play a major role in this, and it can help you save time, money, and resources. Software for sales enablement is particularly beneficial in supporting the future of business, so continue to read on to learn more.

What is Sales Enablement?

In essence, sales enablement gives a sales team the information, tools, and resources to be able to develop customer engagement and finish deals. This strategy gives salespeople the power to successfully secure the buyer and increases the likelihood of an effective sale.

Sales enablement is centered on the customer and helps a salesperson to keep the client in mind, providing a service and experience that delivers what the buyer truly wants. The strategy is essential in providing a level playing field for all the salespeople within your team, rather than allowing progress only to be made by the more successful, overachieving individuals.

All salespeople have the tools and knowledge to be successful. If there are overachievers in the team, sales enablement best practice is to appoint these members as leaders of a particular program.

The Facts and Figures of Sales Enablement

Thanks to a great deal of research, it’s clear to see that this strategic business action has quite the impact. Sales enablement has surged in popularity in recent years, booming with an increase of 343% from 2016 to 2021. This progress is continuous, as Google searches for “Sales Enablement” consistently increases by 51.2% year after year.

The benefits are also evident, as organization employing this strategy win 49% of their prospective deals, in comparison to 42.5% for the companies that don’t. The increase of sales because of sales enablement is apparent as 76% of businesses see an increase of between 6% to 20% after applying the strategy.

The information supplies to sales representative is invaluable and makes a massive difference to the success of the sale. Information encourages productivity and this in turn improves efficiency and boosts income. In fact, 50% of pipelines stall due to representatives being unable to add value. 42% of sales representatives feel like that don’t have the information they need before making a sales call and if your sales team doesn’t feel confident in their role, you’re risking a loss of more than 60% of your workforce in four years.

It’s plain to see that sales enablement has a huge impact on the success of your sales team and their productivity, so it’s worth the investment of time and energy to implement a new strategy or improve the one you currently have.

Trained and Ready – A Major Part of Sales Enablement

A key aspect of sales enablement is training and development for your sales team. Salespeople must be informed of the resources available and the best way to use them to progress and develop. The most effective sales enablement program provides traditional training, alongside technological tools to make sales training a consistent and continuous process. This way, your team will always feel relevant and up to date, able to tackle the challenges of the modern world of sales.

The Software that will Give You a Helping Hand

 When looking at the benefits of sales enablement, and all the different aspects involved, it can feel overwhelming. You may want to employ a successful strategy, but maybe you don’t know where to start. Sales enablement software can make it all a lot easier to navigate! It automates various processes and provides information in a clear and concise way so you can make decisions quickly and efficiently.

What Can Sales Enablement Software Do?

There are various tasks that can be accomplished with the help of sales enablement software.

  • Easily locate and personalize sales and marketing content.
  • Provide information that accelerates the buying process. This could include things like successful sale tactics or recent news about prospects. Knowledge is power and this will make the sales team a lot more successful.
  • Integrate communication and connect leads using email, call, video conference or social media.
  • Assist in the allocation of resources by monitoring the performance of representatives, communication channels and more.
  • Consistently provide training material, both sales onboarding and coaching, for sales teams to help them stay ahead of their game.

Sales Enablement Software Can Be a Solution for Everyone

There are various departments within a business that can benefit from sales enablement software. A sales team can use the software to reach the closure of deals in a more efficient and successful way. Marketing teams use enablement to monitor and track the impact of sales collateral on the closure of deals. The knowledge gathered can help a marketing department to greatly improve their campaigns to produce more effective advertising.

The product management department can use sales enablement software to increase customer retention and maximise the satisfaction of the client at the stage of onboarding. The buying information gathered by the software can be used by the product teams to deliver the service more quickly. Strategy teams will be able to better understand customers and build new sales roadmaps by using sales enablement software. Insights and analytics will give the strategy team the needed information to determine whether existing targets are being hit and where future sales may come from. This knowledge will also enable them to make better budgeting decisions across the company.

How Much Will I Need to Invest?

The cost of sales enablement software varies greatly depending on the needs of the business. Some providers offer a quote after a consultation, which will be unique and bespoke to meet the needs of your sales team and other variables. In general, prices can range from $15-$25 per user, per month, to upwards of $80 per user, per month. Some providers may charge extra for the implementation of software. Some products offer free trials which allow you to take the software for a test drive and see what kind of software solution would be best for you.

Published: May 20, 2022

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