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How to Do Keyword Research for Social Media and Beyond 

By: George Mathew



Trust me when I say this: Keywords are equally important for social media campaigns as they are for your SEO campaigns.

In this post we are going to examine some tools that you can use for conducting keyword research for your campaigns, for social media and more.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you get access to special reports for your social media teams that help them monitor the success of past campaigns. This gives them a solid framework on how to move ahead with current campaigns and improve upon social media campaigns. You can look at the performance of campaigns by their Source, say search engine traffic, paid traffic, or social traffic.

Now, let’s look at social media keyword research tools:

Social Media Keyword Research Tools

There are a number of social media analytics tools that can be used by the entire marketing team as well as individual social media managers to make your campaigns more effective.


Buzzsumo a  fantastic way for you to monitor a bunch of keywords. You can also use the tool to identify competitor strategies and check out the social potential of a keyword by the click through rate and the number of social shares it has.

A search phrase that you removed from your radar because of relatively low search volume or because it may attract a lower click-through rate might just turn out to do really well on social media. It’s important that you learn from the insights you gain from a tool like Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo also features a question analyzer that allows social media managers and content marketers to find a list of popular niche questions.


Keyhole is another social keyword research platform that you can use. Its data options tool is great for understanding keywords on Twitter and Instagram, as it employs hashtags and mentions in its results. The only problem? High cost.

Social Media Monitoring Tools


Cyfe starts at just $19 per month and is cheaper should you opt for the annual billing. On the dashboard you can create a customized widget for an all-in-one business platform. 

It’s easy to use and customize with social monitoring and that’s more than half of keyword research targeting.

If you don’t keep track of the exact keywords you are targeting you won’t be getting any real results.

Cyfe ties up with Google analytics and Twitter search that lets you monitor and discover more keywords.

Native Search

You can also run searches on the native platform by running a basic search on the platform of your choice. Most major platforms have search engines inside that filter posts by their popularity.

Run industry specific searches to get a hold of your market. It’s going to be intense, sponging up a lot of your time, but you will see real and actionable insights specific to your user base.

Twitter also supports the question mark search operator. It returns results that have a question. Put “” quotation marks around the query like this: “food” if you want exact matches.

Monitor Social Media Trends

Another thing you can go for is trending terms. There’s a great chance you’re going to lay hands on something that is trending at the moment and choose that.

Ensure that you check out the history behind each term and find out if you need to target it. Some marketers find that a certain keyword isn’t always consistent but it gets some interest periodically. 

What’s helpful is to see how it informs your entire strategy and how you may take advantage of that.

One of these areas you can start searching is on Google trends, followed by the trending posts on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook’s trending terms and stories.

These are some of the key ways you can do keyword research on social media sites and for informing your social media content.

Published: April 8, 2022

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