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How SMEs Sharing Success Stories Can Supercharge Their Growth

By: Annie Button



Whether you call it blowing your own trumpet or tooting your own horn, it’s fair to say that many of us aren’t the best at shouting about our achievements. Perhaps out of fear of being perceived as ‘big-headed’ and egotistical or simply because we don’t like the attention on ourselves, it can feel unnatural to celebrate and let others know about our successes.

But when it comes to small businesses, shouting about big wins and overcoming the odds can help make a difference to your growth. From letting potential customers know they can rely on you to improving staff retention and maintaining momentum, keeping that information at the forefront of your communications is important.

According to CB Insights, 14% of businesses fail due to poor marketing, so brands seeking to gain a larger share of the market need to find ways to have their voices heard. Here’s why sharing your success stories should be a part of your brand’s marketing strategy and voice.

Use case studies to show off your work

Case studies are a great way to encourage people who are interested in your business to find out a little more about it. Whether that’s to get a better idea of the type of work that you do or to scope out the specific methods you use; case studies help put more about your company into context for interested parties.

Successful projects can act as a shining example of what your company is capable of while sharing feedback from satisfied customers further helps build trust in your brand.

In competitive markets, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the rest, and evidence of your quality and successes can make a difference. Couple your case study with your SEO and digital marketing campaign and people who find your work examples through their own searches will trust you to solve their needs.

Blogging your way to victory

Sticking with digital marketing, and another great way to shout about the amazing things you are doing as a business is your blog. Not just useful for helping your website rank and enjoy more traffic through effective SEO practices, your blog is also where you can share company announcements, achievements, and events.

This can be celebrating an important milestone through a team event or helping you to act as a leading expert in your field through thought leadership. For example, this construction company created a post to celebrate its success in being recognized as Business of the Year in 2022.

You may wish to share your experiences at trade shows and award ceremonies and share your thoughts on how they went to help give your brand a voice. Another useful blog technique is to detail how your small company has overcome (and helps others to prosper in) difficult circumstances, building further trust.

Wearing industry awards as a badge of honor

Whether major or minor, your company winning an industry award is big news for the future growth of your brand. That rosette or trophy that shows you are better than the competition is an endorsement from an authoritative source and should be shared.

Make sure to add it to your website as a watermark or to feature it prominently on your homepage throughout the following year so everyone who lands on your site sees it. Creating content for your site around your award success increases awareness of your achievements but it’s important not to overdo it.

Adding context to your origins

Perhaps there is no greater success story than how your company went from a concept to a fully-fledged business. Maybe there was a gap in the market that needed filling and you took that opportunity. Brand origin stories should be unique to each business and tell interested parties how they have managed to become successful.

Whether that’s through the need to help people, or overcoming a widespread or niche problem to create a solution, your brand story is another great way to share your success. Creating and telling a compelling origin story not only helps to win customers but it builds brand loyalty and helps to attract better employees.

Showcasing your work in style: the importance of visuals

Not only is it important to tell people about the successes you have, but you should also show them why they should choose you. Creating effective visuals on your website and social media channels will put the work that you do at the heart of your communications.

For example, this classic car restoration company presents its high-end ‘badge of honor’ throughout its website by visually showcasing its many projects. In highlighting and promoting the reasons why customers should choose your business, you are communicating a powerful argument without having to write any words. The stylish images of your successful work or products can sell your company on their own.

Strengthening your team

A common problem for many companies to overcome is keeping hold of their best talent. SME owners may like to think they offer an unbeatable package to their employees but staff are often curious to discover if the grass is greener on the other side.

Companies that are having regular successes can point to that superiority over others as a reason why staff should stay where they are and ride this wave of positivity. Including and thanking staff in any success helps in this regard as it not only pays dues to those who helped but it makes people feel appreciated and improves their loyalty.

A study by Robert Half discovered that 66% of employees leave because of a lack of appreciation. Therefore shouting about and appreciating the reasons behind your successes can lead to better retention, helping to drive your company’s growth as your best talent remains.

Promote yourself for success

Ultimately, the success of your business falls on your and your leadership team’s shoulders. By sharing the victories and special moments along the way you can tell a more compelling story about your business. Through some of the methods we have mentioned you can share your stories to reach more potential customers, sustain your growth, and enjoy many more moments to be proud of.

Published: October 26, 2022

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