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Here’s What Your Small Business Should Know About the Salesforce Mobile App

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“Earn customers for life” – this is General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra’s mantra for business success. Businesses and organizations must come up with a winning formula to manage and keep company and customer relationships intact and durable.

Most companies streamline their customer relationship efforts by adopting a CRM software system. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a combination of strategies and technologies to manage customer relationships which leads to better conversion. CRM solutions are readily available online, but many companies prefer a reliable, trusted, and versatile software called Salesforce.

This guide will focus on Salesforce for small businesses, the benefits of using this app, and the kind of businesses that use Salesforce. Let’s begin!

What is Salesforce? What is Their Primary Mobile App?

Salesforce is a U.S.-based software company that provides cloud-based customer relationship management services and various enterprise applications that zero in on customer services, analytics, marketing automation, and app development.

Salesforce’s primary mobile app is the Salesforce Mobile App, a cloud-based CRM software that provides a simpler and more personalized mobile version of the regular Salesforce software. Because it’s a mobile application, the Salesforce Mobile App can enhance a business’s service at different levels.

The Salesforce Mobile App provides marketing teams with all the features that are found in the Salesforce software. This app becomes a CRM solution that managers and business owners can use even while on the go. There are several options available for enhancing Salesforce’s functionality, and one that particularly stands out is Titan’s mobile app for Salesforce. This app not only seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s existing services, but it also enhances them by offering an intuitive interface, tailored analytics, and streamlined communication tools. These features make it an indispensable asset for dynamic sales teams. Its user-friendly design and robust integration capabilities ensure that sales professionals have access to key customer data and real-time insights, even in fast-paced environments or when they’re away from their desks.

What Type of Businesses Use Salesforce Mobile App?

The Salesforce Mobile App has many advantages making it best for different types of businesses. With this app, all the important information is just a few clicks away.

For businesses that work with teams

Salesforce has unique features like Collaboration and Groups that help teams collaborate with other teams, colleagues, and customers. This feature provides access to feeds, people, groups, and files that teams need to work seamlessly and efficiently.

For businesses that sell products

Businesses that engage in selling products can benefit from Salesforce’s Dashboards and Reports. This is a feature that lets users pull up information about sales and products with just a tap. They have access to real-time info for sales, marketing data, services, and company performance.

For businesses with a work-from-home or hybrid setup

Many businesses switched to a work-from-home setup during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. As restrictions started to ease, many workers returned to work but some maintained a hybrid setup. A business with this kind of setup can benefit from the Salesforce feature called Today.

Today provides an overview of all events of the day such as meetings, tasks, account information, and so on. This app also has a convenient Notification Center where users can check the most important posts, requests, or other communications, including ones that may need approval.

For businesses that deal with a lot of data

Business transactions are smoother with Salesforce. It lets you find all you need faster so you won’t lose time in tracking down important information. With the Salesforce Smart Search, users can find any info or data in just a few seconds. Just search by list or by checking recently accessed info. This tool also allows inquiries on a global scale.

Salesforce has Current Event and Agenda cards, so you won’t lose track of any event. All the important details are highlighted so these are easier to see and remember.

Salesforce benefits businesses that engage in selling products and services. It is a tool that can help drive sales when a sales team must work together. Any business that sells or provides services should try Salesforce.

Why Should You Consider Adopting Salesforce For Your Business?

New to using a CRM app? Or are you using another app that’s not cutting it? Find out what the Salesforce platform has in store for you.

Salesforce is Very Easy to Use

Salesforce is easy to use because all the information you need to run a successful marketing campaign is available in just a few clicks. You’ll have access to all the key metrics from the mobile application dashboard.  The app works using easy drag and drop movements so there’s no need to hire a developer to manage and sort elements for you.

Offers a 360-Degree View

The Salesforce Mobile App provides a convenient platform to manage data processing. All the information you need is stored in data form and can be retrieved anytime to enable smart and fast decisions on the go. You can enjoy these features at any time because these are a part of all Salesforce services like marketing cloud, company cloud, and service cloud. You’ll have a complete view of your customers’ behavior from every level of the sales process, helping you personalize your services to better meet your customers’ needs.

Makes Time Management Easy

This convenient mobile CRM app gives you multiple time management features including calendars, preparation metrics, and various tools. With this information, you can save time and effort as you efficiently prepare for your workday. The Salesforce calendar lets you plan for upcoming events as far out as a year.

Provides Seamless Customization

You can personalize the Salesforce Mobile App to work with your particular needs. You can use custom layouts, navigation toggles, and other personalized actions found in the app. Being able to customize these features lets you comfortably use the app on your smartphone or any other mobile device.

Useful in Lead Generation

Salesforce Mobile App has different features that help marketers generate leads. Also, this app keeps all detailed information about leads, meetings, and other customer contacts to enhance your lead generation techniques.

Easy and Fast Data Access

The Salesforce Mobile App lets you access any data related to your customers at any time. You have an option to view documents and any files for presentations, quotes, meetings, customer profiles, and more. You can view all this information on the go with just your smartphone.

Offers Data Security

This CRM app lets you handle customer data securely. This app is backed by the most secure system so you can access data conveniently and safely anywhere.

Final Words

Mobile apps will continue to change the way people do business. Apps like Salesforce continue to support many small companies in different aspects of managing customer relationships. Salesforce is easy, convenient, and versatile; it could be the CRM software that will change the way you do business this year and for many years to come.

Author: Pranjal Bora works as Head of Product Development at Digital Authority Partners.

Published: January 26, 2022

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