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Help Your Small Business With a Digital Business Card

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In networking, business cards are tools that help you introduce yourself to the right people. Paper business cards are distributed to attract clients and other businesses. And because it’s a valuable networking tool, they have also evolved and are now occupying the digital space.

If you operate your business online, you can create and distribute digital business cards like physical ones. If you haven’t made one for your business, here are the benefits it can bring to your small business.

Digital Business Cards Are Convenient 

Typically, physical business cards will take up space in your wallet, and you’ll need to keep a few on hand in case you need to hand them to someone. However, you must never forget to bring some with you whenever you go out. In addition, if you run out, you’ll have to pay and have more made.

On the other hand, digital business cards can be easily created using online resources. You can avoid spending money on printing costs and use that money toward other areas of your business. As long as you have access to a business card template, you are free to modify the appearance and information, such as your occupation. If you want to make some changes to the template and give it a fresh look, there’s no reason to start from scratch. To create the best digital business card for you and your business, look for dedicated sites where you can make your free card.

Share Information On-The-Go 

Business cards, sometimes called as ‘calling cards,’ are a convenient way to provide basic personal information such as names and phone numbers. Typically, when meeting with potential customers or clients, businesspeople had to take them out of their wallets or card carriers to hand them over.

While this may appear to be the norm, indeed, some recipients will inevitably lose them. Paper business cards are easily discarded by recipients, who are more likely to file them away or stuff them in a drawer with other junk mail. Some people won’t bother to call you and will instead look for your information online rather than on your business card.

When you use a digital business card, you can easily distribute it using a mobile device. When a digital card is loaded to a phone, it may automatically add the card’s receiver to the phone’s contact book. It’s helpful because the receiver can always keep your number on their phone.

Serves As A Two-Way Communication Channel 

When your recipient stores your digital business card, it does more than remain in the address book. You may entice the receiver of your digital business card to give you a call if and when the time is right for them to recommend you to others. Paper business cards prevent your contacts from responding to your outreach. They will likely have to conduct some independent research to find you or your company. Fortunately, digital business cards make communication easier.

Notably, those who get your digital business card can quickly and easily get in touch with you by tapping on the information you’ve provided. You can also include your social links and location, as these are useful to your recipient. In addition, it’s possible to contact customers and prospects by text messages with news and special offers related to your company, products, and services. It’s not only an info carrier but also a channel that lets you directly communicate with your customers or clients.

Contactless Option 

The pandemic forced many to make changes even in how we do business. It gave online events and meetings a massive opportunity to rise because of social distancing measures. The change made it difficult for people to meet, which made even giving away business cards out of the question.

Digital business cards became a solution that simplified processes. For example, you were a guest speaker for an online event. You can share contacts with all of the attendees. You only need to send a link to your virtual business card through email, social media, text, or group chat.

If you also create a QR code for your business card, you can show it to those in attendance for them to scan, and they can get access to your card or redirect them to your company information. Digital business cards offer a safety net that typical business cards cannot give. For example, people can still connect with you and get more information about your business without being physically present during a trade fair or business conference.

It Gives A Lasting Impression 

How professional you want to appear to your prospects is not only how you conduct business and how you present yourself to them. To win over your clients, you need to make a lasting impression. If you habitually give out paper business cards, now is an excellent time to switch to digital ones. A digitized business card sends the message that you’re a forward-thinking, tech-savvy professional. It’s also possible to locate a specific demographic that shares an affinity for your methods. If you haven’t already begun making your digital business card, you should start immediately. It can appeal to your potential customers or clients.

Eco-Friendly And Low-Cost 

More people today are conscious of the state of our environment. They are also more willing to spend more money with companies that share their social responsibility and environmental sustainability values. Thanks to the use of digital business cards, you’ll come across as friendly and tech-savvy if you’ve mastered the art of the virtual handshake.

At the same time, virtual business cards are also eco-friendly. You don’t need to use a printer, paper, and ink to produce physical business cards that might end up as trash. It’s also a way to help minimize the use of paper, thus reducing the cutting of trees.


If you have a small business, sending out electronic business cards to prospective customers and clients is a great way to expand your business. It gives them the impression of a professional business person who uses the latest technology to conduct business. You can share it virtually on your PC or mobile devices. Moreover, it contains functions that provide your customers access to data. You can save money and make a good impression as a company that cares about the environment by making one in a virtual space. Lastly, it can be customizable at little to no expense.

Author: Emberleigh Brighton is a business strategist who thrives in a competitive environment. She is always thinking of ways to get her clients ahead. When she’s not strategizing, she’s sharing tips that can help businesses grow and succeed online through guest posts and blog articles. During her free time, she indulges in retail therapy, from clothes to furniture.

Published: January 4, 2023

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