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Consumers Want Personalized Experiences and Products: Here’s How to Do It

By: Gemma Moss



The first thing that comes to mind about memorable brand experiences involves something personal and leaves an impression. And this is why a growing number of businesses are adopting personalization as a part of their core strategy. It’s branding’s most fundamental aspect that no entrepreneurial venture can afford to be without, especially in today’s increasingly competitive and connected market.  

They’re more than a mere bonus—a personalized experience can boost satisfaction, build loyalty, and ensure that a brand or company is remembered for all the right reasons. Consumers will likely make purchases from those that offer individual experiences. 

Personalization in business 

Some of you might believe that your organization always offers your customers personalization. Small business owners usually engage with the audience daily through digital correspondence and phone calls and possibly by packing and shipping their orders. However, is this sufficient to make them feel noticed?

Unfortunately, there are times when companies focus their efforts on their offerings but miss their marks on personalizing the experience. Even the best one-size-fits-all approach won’t feel authentic compared to personalized interactions. 

Image: Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash  

One example of a personalized approach is through UBI insurance. Also known as usage-based insurance, this refers to coverage where costs depend on the vehicle used and on behavior, place, distance, and time. And with the use of specific technological solutions, insurers can develop excellent UBI offerings to attract prospects much easier than they otherwise could.

A consumer-centric sales approach 

Personalization is an effective method, especially when targeting the stages of your buyers’ journey. For instance, sending first-time customers a bonus gift of appreciation for their business will ensure their engagement with your brand. If you’re looking to keep potential customers from abandoning their carts, offering exclusive discounts may encourage them to proceed with the purchase. For any partially fulfilled orders, sending updates and extending open-door policies will make a difference. 

How to begin personalizing the business 

If you’re interested in implementing personalization strategies in your business, you must first look into the existing customer experience and ask yourself the following: 

  • What’s the number of interactions your average customers have with the business before committing to a purchase? 
  • How can you make these interactions less mechanical and more personalized? 
  • Is your company available regarding engagement, or does it process orders passively? 

Be sure to include gratitude, affirmation, and acknowledgment whenever consumers engage with your organization. People will appreciate being valued and seen. So aside from delivering exceptional offerings, personalization will make them give your company their attention, time, and money. You’ll turn a one-time deal into multiple business opportunities by making them feel valued. 


As the online marketing landscape evolves, personalization will be a critical factor in dominating customer experiences. Companies looking to elevate their customer relationships will need to depend on personalization for shaping their strategies. So if it’s not yet a part of your business, make sure that you start with it as soon as possible. 

Published: May 16, 2022

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