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A Few Handy Tips for Ranking Better on Google Maps

By: Jyoti Agrawal



A 3-pack is a term that represents the top three searches on a user’s mobile phone. Attaining that position on Google maps for your business is always profitable, and it lets you expose your business to local customers. Most local businesses are looking for local search SEOs, but it is not always easy to get it.

The main reason why many businesses fail to get recognition on Google maps is that they didn’t provide their address on GMB (Google My Business).

If Google doesn’t have your address on its local listing, then it’s very hard for the customer to know what are the closest options to discover.

Hence, this is one way you can boost your business through google maps. But before that, we need to know what Google Maps Marketing is.

What is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps Marketing is optimizing the presence of your business online. Customers are more likely to be suspicious of your business if they find that you don’t have an online presence.

The primary goal of Google Maps Marketing is to get higher on the search rankings and present your marketing to the maximum number of people.

Significance of this type of Marketing

Google manages 3.5 billion searches per day, most of them from mobile searches.

It is essential to give everything you got to get the 3 pack. The 3 pack is nothing but the top 3 searches on the user’s mobile. The following image shows the same thing.

This way, if someone searches for particular niches on their mobile, it is more likely that customers are going to choose those companies.

This is why it is very important to be in the top 3 searches on Google Maps marketing. But before you expose yourself to the top 3 search results, it is very important to enroll yourself on Google My Business page.

3 Significant steps to add your business to Google Maps

If you are ready to add your business to Google Maps then the following are the 3 main steps you need to follow:

#1 Verify whether your business is listed or not

To verify whether your business is listed on Google maps, just search it on Google, and then observe. If it shows up on the results page, then your business is listed. However, if it doesn’t show up, then add your business to the listings.

#2 If your business doesn’t show up, create a new one

Go to the Google Maps search page and it will look something like this in the picture below.

On the left side panel, you can see “add a missing place,” there you can add every detail about your business from scratch. It is also important that you add your business to the relevant section so that it shows up in the relevant searches.

#3 After being listed, claim your listing

Listing your business isn’t enough to get your business in the top 3 search results. To optimize your business on Google maps, you need to submit the appropriate information about your business and also, update the information timely. 

But to make all these changes you have to claim your listing on the Google My Business page. To claim your listing, you need to click on the “claim this business” tag after you have added your business as a new place on Google maps.

A Few Essential Tips That Get You More Leads 

#1 Get Google Reviews

Google considers reviews on the Google platform profoundly, which makes it a guaranteed way to climb up to the top of the listings for Maps rankings. Good reviews always help in SEO.

#2 List your business in directories that people trust

Google is not the only directory to promote your business online. There are several other directories where you can register your business such as Yelp, Yahoo local listings and Bing local.

#3 Leverage local schema mark up

Markup pages are one of the useful tools to show and classify important information regarding your business. Information such as hours of operation, payment types, etc.

#4 Embed Google maps 

Embedding Google maps on your site will serve two purposes: 

  1. Google suggests that your business has a local presence
  2. Google informs your customers about your physical address 

#5 Optimize for mobile searches

Today most of the searches are from mobile. Hence, it is essential to realize the importance of mobile and make your website mobile-friendly. 

Optimize your site for all sizes of mobiles and also, make it responsive. Your aim should always be to make your website navigation as easy as you can for mobile customers.

#6 Be active on social media

These days, Google is taking note of how active that particular business is on social media platforms. Social media platforms are where people express their opinions frankly without any hesitation. 

So if your presence is active and consistent on social media platforms, then it is more likely that it sends social signals to Google.

Now, Your Turn

Now you know what Google Maps Marketing is, its importance, how to register your business on Google maps, and how to rank on Google maps.

Now it is time to implement all these strategies properly. By funding in marketing on Google Maps, you’ll further drive more local leads to your business. Google Maps marketing is an outstanding approach to getting your company to emerge with more local search results and cause more in-store visits and income.

Published: April 2, 2020

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