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6 Reasons to Implement Digital Signage In Your Marketing Strategy

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More than any other industry, technological advancements have changed advertising, more so in the United States. Digitalized marketing tactics and technologies, including SEO and social media promotion, have supplanted traditional marketing approaches like print and radio adverts.

As companies search for new methods to advertise their products and services and connect with their customers, in-store advertising has also changed dramatically. Public address statements, printed banners, and posters were once the only methods of in-store advertising. 

New technology has proved to be a considerably more effective and efficient alternative: digital signs. These approaches are now on the point of becoming obsolete. Businesses that have not yet adopted digital signage or have not yet realized the benefits of this technology should read on to learn why they should do so immediately.

  • Capturing your target audience attention

You are likely to be drawn in by the vivid and dynamic digital screen displayed on the wall as you go into a company or workplace (if they have one). And you are not the only one that feels this way. Digital signage captures the attention of approximately 63% of the people that come across it. 

With digital signage, your customers are not bombarded with irrelevant messages they may ignore, like those seen on the Internet or television advertising or point-of-purchase posters. For instance, they can check the price of only the products that concern them. Moreover, your message will attract more attention if you use digital signage to express it instead of traditional methods.

  • You can quickly and easily update the displays

Digital signage is gaining popularity because of its capacity to update displays in many locations from a central place simultaneously. Whether it is an impending sale or introducing a new product, businesses may market it confidently across all regions while appearing just as it wants to. With the flexibility to switch out your displays anytime you choose, you can maintain a consistent look across all of your communication channels.

  • Keeping up on retail technology developments 

The pace of technological progress is accelerating, making it easier than ever to fall behind. If you invest some time learning about digital signage and implementing it in your business, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

  • Improved recall and retention rate

An important objective of many business advertisements revolves around getting clients to do something right quickly, whether it is placing an order, making a purchase, or following another type of direction. There are instances when it is more about notifying customers of upcoming specials or promotions or in-store appearances than informing them. One of the significant advantages of digital signage is the ability to increase recall when using video. The rise is also not insignificant.

In a study of the impact of digital billboards, 83% of individuals said they remembered seeing at least one advertisement in the previous 30 days. Nearly two-thirds (65%) recalled two, and roughly half (47%) recalled 3. Almost a fifth of those who saw an advertisement on a digital billboard discussed it with a friend. They spread the word to those who would not have heard about it. In addition to content, recall and retention are influenced significantly by the content itself.

  • Multi-Location Synched Displays

The beginning of a new selling period is always exhilarating and stressful for anybody who has ever worked in retail.  Previously, multi-store retail enterprises and other organizations with several locations had to create all of their promotional materials from scratch, have them produced at a corporate print shop, and then ship them all over the country. This is no longer the case. After the posters, plastic banners, and brochures have been delivered to the various locations, there is still a lot of work to be done because the staff in each area then had to adorn the store after hours.

Thanks to digital signage, a new season can be launched across numerous outlets at a lower cost and with more ease. A cloud-based digital signage technology allows companies to build their own promotional materials and instantly post the new season’s displays on every screen throughout their locations in their design. While saving money on printing, shipping and staff time, this also reduces the amount of paper and gasoline used in the production process. Many companies are assessed on their environmental policies. Therefore, this is a great approach to attract clients that are concerned about the environment.

  • Interactivity

A great way to engage with consumers and gain knowledge is through digital signage. Through data-driven advertising, companies can be confident their efforts will be successful. Some businesses offer social promotions where clients may sign up for email subscriptions and earn a discount in return for completing the campaign. It is the best time to convey the correct message to customers when they are all checking out with their Smartphones.

Digital signage can integrate into your entire shop idea, enhance consumer engagement, and increase revenue in the long run if used properly. When competition seems to grow by the day, it is a no-brainer to implement digital signage into your marketing strategy. 

Published: October 13, 2021

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