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4 Ways to Generate Leads with Content Marketing

By: George Mathew


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With Covid-19 decimating both supply and demand small businesses are continually finding it difficult to stay alive in these times of crisis.

Content marketing however, is a great way to generate leads and sales at a budget. You can either engage in content marketing on your own or outsource it to someone. Even then, content marketing remains a cost-effective technique to generate high quality leads.

Here are several things you can do to generate quality leads with content marketing.

Create ebooks

Research from PricewaterhouseCoopers says that the revenue from ebooks will cross $8.7 billion in 2018. That’s a 3000% increase from 2008.

It’s a big market full of opportunities for you to target. It’s also a great way to generate targeted leads.

When it comes to lead generation, you can’t charge for an ebook. It’s a free resource that provides value. You offer it in exchange for your visitor’s email ids thus optimizing the odds of lead generation.

With ebooks, you can educate leads, you can display what you know and capture leads through different stages of awareness. The only thing is they should be presented well.

How to educate leads?

A good ebook does the job of providing specific to the point answers to questions.

The ebook is one channel that helps people connect with the promise you made on the landing page and deliver it.

If you can’t deliver the promise you’re killing the reputation you spent so hard at creating.

Show what you know

Ebooks are also a great place to display what you know. They’re a great place for you to display your strengths as someone who’s an authority on the subject. The deeper you go on a subject the more people are going to appreciate you. You increase the value and worth of the ebook this way.

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Capture leads at various stages in the sales funnel with content

According to Levi Olmstead from 2ndkitchen, “Content marketing provides brands with a moat against competitors. Once you publish a piece of content and it ranks well, that will drive awareness and potential leads to your site for the foreseeable future, growing organically over time.”

It also gets you links.

When you’re at different stages of the awareness funnel you want to be marketed to depending on your current state of mind. You can attract leads at various stages by creating ebooks that target people at different stages. Next you can email them and measure analytics on how successful your email campaigns are.

This helps them find more value. For example someone might be looking for information on flat feet, others are suffering and want a solution, still others are looking for coupon codes.

Put out a webinar

A webinar can be a great point to show the knowledge you have on a particular subject. It generates a swarm of leads.

There are so many marketers hoping to turn a quick buck with a webinar. So how successful you are depends on the value you can bring to the meeting.

A webinar that offers value propels people towards purchase.

When you want to generate leads with a webinar the first thing to do is ask the right qualifying questions on the sign up page. This lets participants create an expectation of what they want from the webinar.

When choosing a topic always choose and talk about something that is relevant and offers an interesting angle to the attendees.

Webinars should walk people through specific content. Give them an outline but not the whole story and create interest in that manner.

Create white papers and guides

Whitepapers don’t really seem that popular now. But it’s a fallacy to fall into that line of thinking.

They’re still around and can generate a good number of leads.

You can repurpose them as something else instead of calling them whitepapers.

Whitepapers are research backed professionally written pdf downloads that offer value and insights to the reader on a subject. Whitepapers especially around original research tend to get downloaded a lot. Same is the case with buyer guides that offer in depth product reviews.

Both get you leads.

Don’t forget to stamp those white papers with your personal logo for branding.

Offer lead magnets

Simply business does something far superior to an ordinary insurance agency.

They write articles on all manner of subjects ranging from starting and growing all kinds of businesses.

This gives them a number of readers. At the end of the blog post they have a lead magnet customized to each page or post to generate leads.

They use a form builder to create a form where the lead can input essential information. Then they redirect leads to more information on their services page. You can also use this to send leads to target pages, say an SEO services page.

What do you think of our tips and tricks to boost lead generation?

Published: May 25, 2020

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