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4 Stellar Tips for Boosting Email Engagement

By: Angela Ash


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Email services have evolved a good deal since being used only as a fast and convenient instant messaging tool. Today, they have grown to incorporate a number of features and unique elements of which email marketing is the most popular, by far.  

Frankly speaking, there’s a good reason why it should be, at least when businesses are concerned. Email marketing campaigns are the cheapest form of advertising and way more effective than other popular choices, notably Google and Facebook ads. The best performing email campaigns have been reported to be capable of generating an ROI of up to 4400%!

So, what is it in email campaigns that other online marketing efforts lack?

For one thing – communication. Brands promoting communication and encouraging feedback stand a great chance to become (and remain) successful as they are building a stable relationship with their customers. More importantly, customers of such brands feel special – not only as a source of revenue.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to establish healthy communication from day one – starting with a welcome message. Ironically enough, many brands – including large and successful ones – often overlook this simple option. By welcoming new customers and thanking them for subscribing, you’ll show them that they matter.

Email Marketing Meets New Technologies

Email services have not only changed in terms of their functions, but they are also being used in various ways. The invention and consequent never-waning success of mobile devices is the number one reason why email marketing has become increasingly more complicated.

Needless to say, with mobile devices taking over numerous functions previously reserved for computers exclusively, emails have had to fall victim to the trend. It is a large majority of people indeed who check incoming messages on their mobile devices.

What does that mean for email marketing?

For one thing, all campaigns should be optimized for mobile devices, which means there are a couple of technicalities to be observed, but the effort doesn’t end there. It pays off to be thorough, as mobile users are the key to success of any email marketing campaign. Stats show that the majority of CTRs take place on mobile devices, and “mobile recipients” are more likely to re-read the message and, by extension, reconsider the offer.

Optimally, email subject lines shouldn’t exceed 41 characters, but opt for shorter ones, if possible. If you’re using emojis, make sure to check out how they are displayed across devices and in different browsers. The two most popular choices are iPhone and Gmail, so pay particular attention to these.

Insights Are Crucial for Success

Insights are what will help you build a successful email campaign every time. I.e., merely demographics will tell you how best to address your target group. It’s no secret that younger people tend to prefer a more casual communication style. If you’re targeting senior executives, obviously, this strategy is a huge no go.

In a similar manner, location can tell you a lot about people’s preferences, especially if you run an international business. Not all countries have the same standards and certainly tastes differ greatly on the individual level, let alone whole societies.

Location is important in one another sense: it will tell you how many different time zones you need to mind. When it comes to the timing of your campaigns, it is essential that they arrive around the time people are most likely to check their inbox. Various studies have concluded that these are around 10AM and 1PM (morning- and lunch break, presumably).

Finally, browsing and purchase histories will help you fine-tune your offer and make it more personal for every single customer of yours. Other insights that can help in this regard are the percentage of messages opened, bounce rates and time spent on certain pages.

You can use a workflow analysis software like Frevvo to track your insights and pain points, and most importantly, keep your workflow optimized and efficient.


Personalization is not only good marketing practice but also nice manners. Imagine addressing people in real life with “Hey you!” and you’ll get an idea. Rule number one of every successful email marketing campaign is: get as personal as you can.

Address people by their name, send them a welcome message upon subscription and a thank you message after each purchase. In addition, send them shopping cart reminders and (especially) inquiries if the cart was abandoned. This aspect is often overlooked even by large businesses, so it’s your chance to stand out. On top of that, it will also deepen the communication with the customer and allow you to solve the issue efficiently. In most cases, the reason is a technical issue. By fixing it, you’ll prevent future card abandonments.

Continual Communication

Email campaigns are imperative. Every successful marketer knows that communication is the key to obtaining loyalty. Therefore, don’t limit your brand only to email communication. By all means, promote your offer on multiple platforms and ask people for their feedback. Nowadays, communication is mostly taking place on social media profiles, so be sure to always address any queries your audience may have.

Last but not least, reward loyalty. Loyal customers should get very special VIP offers and coupons like ones you can obtain from Swagbucks, as a thank you for their trust and as a reminder that they matter. Successful brands learn from their customers. They implement their suggestions, ask for feedback and grow together with them. In that sense, email marketing is just the first step, and the first steps are always the most important.

Published: April 27, 2021

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