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4 Simple Ways to Be Successful on Instagram

By: George Mathew


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Instagram is one of those social media channels, where organic reach is still alive. In fact, Planable’s research says that Instagram has one of the highest engagements compared to all other channels.

Instagram gives you approximately 10 times as much engagement as Facebook.

However, great organic reach means zilch if you’re not primed to take advantage of it.

So, here’s how to do that:

Start with a bio

Make sure your Instagram bio attracts people. The bio should be complete. It needs to tell followers who you are, what you do and include relevant calls to action.

If you can’t articulate well what it is you offer you can’t engage an audience online.

Protein’s Instagram bio succinctly explains what they are, how you can participate and invites followers and visitors to take a survey. It’s clear and actionable.

Any visitor is able to identify the kind of content they regularly post and is able to triangulate on what the content would be like. You’re giving target audiences a reason to follow you.

Instagram allows you to add a single clickable link to your bio. Make it count. Since it’s just one click, rather than linking out to your site, use a redirect url that you’re able to change remotely without changing anything on Instagram.

This redirect url enables you to send traffic to any page however you may deem fit. You could send traffic to a landing page, webinars, your seo services page, your content writing services page or anything for that matter.

Just make sure that your pages are mobile optimized.

So any time you want to switch up offers change things at the redirect url’s backend.

Post valuable engaging content

Get this: People are selfish. They are always on the lookout for things that help them, make them a better version of themselves and so forth. There’s no getting around this. The quickest path to death on Instagram is posting boring content.

Think seriously about your content plan. Get that sorted.

Never create low quality ugly boring content. When creating content for CupofKava, the first and foremost thing I did was to use quality images so that content becomes shareable on Instagram.

Instead of churning out ten content pieces a day post once per day or better once per week if that nets you higher engagement. It will because people are good judges of quality and they share and promote quality content.

With the platform, use the opportunity you have to share interesting content.

@Yoga posts once a day.

@fitnessmotivation posts once every few hours

Both have a million followers and up.

The right posting schedule is one that you can stick with. If you can’t stick with it, don’t go for that schedule.

Creating great images isn’t too difficult.

There are many tools available like Canva and Stencil that let you create highly engaging content on Instagram.

Keep a consistent schedule

This point ties with the above point.

If you want success you need to post on a regular basis. This needs you to be active.

Try maintaining a schedule. If you can’t do it manually use a social media automation tool that does it for you.

With social media automation tools all you need is feed content to a queue and set a schedule. You can generate great PR based on the back of a consistent schedule.

Use the right hashtags

As you run your Instagram account, certain things can hold you back.

One of these silly mistakes is giving no thought to hashtags. Or worse, not using any hashtags at all. Both set you up for failure.

Instagram is like a giant search engine. And if you know anything about search engines, you must know that they run on keywords.

Hashtags are what keywords are called on Instagram. They’re essential for marketing. Use them right and you can get higher reach, better engagement, and better growth.

Many will caution against using all 30 hashtags on Instagram, but you should. This gives the highest engagement possible.

Also use keyword research tools to research the best hashtags that better your odds of being featured on the explore page.

The thing is: even with this advice, you’re going to struggle with hashtags and generating traffic or engagement. It needs some serious experimentation and some failure before you start generating noteworthy engagement.


This is what you need to keep in mind. Ultimately use creativity to discover unique ways to drive up traffic and engagement and rake up follower counts.

To your Instagram success.

Published: April 20, 2020

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