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4 Promo Products That Help When Times Are Tough & Budgets Are Tight

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Many businesses are suffering from economic hardship as a result of the financial meltdown globally. Companies are more interested in cutting costs to survive. However, they still need to advertise and spread the word about their products and services, even if there is no budget for large scale marketing.

That’s where promotional products come in. It’s an affordable yet effective marketing method used for decades now. According to sageworld.com, 6 out of 10 consumers who receive promotional items keep them for at least two years. Promotional items expose your brand to past and potential clients, create instant brand recognition, and improve customer loyalty. Check out this list of affordable promotional products to get a better idea.

1. T-shirts

By a show of hands, who doesn’t have at least one promotional t-shirt at home? T-shirts are incredibly popular because they are useful and practical. Unlike mugs and pens, which only the recipient can see, a t-shirt goes around, broadcasting your brand to everyone it meets.

For this reason, a t-shirt can promote your brand, especially if its high quality and the design is cool. T-shirts can also be used to spread messages and warnings. For example, Christian organizations like World Vision and Red Cross wear custom t-shirts while working to help people across the globe. The t-shirts not only help to promote the organization and identify it, but it also spreads messages of hope to the people. Sometimes Red Cross workers wear bible-verse t-shirts to encourage people in need.

2. Mugs

According to foodandwine.com, 64% of Americans take coffee every day, and most of them more than once. A coffee mug is, therefore, something that many people use, especially in the office. When 64% of Americans are sipping coffee every day, you want at least half of them to be seeing your brand in their mug.

3. Reusable water bottles

Over the last decade, people have become aware of the adverse effect of using disposable water bottles and plastic in general. As a result, reusable water bottles are in high demand. People carry them everywhere from work, gym, hiking to church. If you can make one with an excellent design, it can be an invaluable promotional product because people will want to know where it came from.

4. Multi-purpose pens

Did you know that a pen can also be a USB flash drive or cigarette lighter? Gone are the days when a pen was just a pen. Pens have been fantastic promotional items for generations because everybody needs one, or several. Every time you want to sign a document, note something down or even scratch your head, you reach for a pen. However, making it even more useful and memorable will make your brand more memorable.

The trick behind using promotional products for marketing is quality and usefulness. People have too many unnecessary stuff, and they don’t need more. If you want the product to make an impact, strive to create an item that is one; very useful in everyday life, two; unique and three; high quality because people will identify your company with it.

Published: March 25, 2020

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