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3 Ways To Grow Your Customer Base

By: Luke Britton


What We Think of Customers Colors Engagement

If you run a business, it has to have a solid customer base if it is going to be successful. Simply put, if you have no customers, you have no business. And if you have some customers but not enough, then you’ll struggle to make any money, and that could end in complete failure.

When you have a strong customer base that you understand how to maintain and grow, you will do much better, your sales will be stronger, and your profits will be higher. With that in mind, here are some great ways to grow your customer base so that you can also increase your business. 


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Take A Targeted Approach 

The very best way to find the largest number of customers is, perhaps ironically, to narrow who you target your business to. When you use a tailored approach to finding new customers, you will discover that you can appeal to more people in your target group.  

If you simply try to advertise to as many people as possible, no matter what sector they work in, what age they are, what gender, what background, how much money they have, or what their specific needs are, you might capture a small number of people’s attention, but most of those who see your marketing will either assume your products are not for them, or know they are. 

It’s far better to do plenty of in-depth market research before you launch any kind of marketing campaign. When you research your market, you can determine exactly who is going to buy from you and what type of advertising will work best on them. Once you have this information, you can formulate a more targeted approach that will bring you a higher percentage of new customers, and that will make your marketing budget go further. 

Attract Attention 

It is important to note that if you want to grow your customer base, you need to ensure that more people are aware of you and what you do. The targeted approach we mentioned above is an excellent way to begin this strategy, but there are a number of additional considerations too.  

Once you have determined just who is going to benefit most from your products and services and have created a campaign that speaks to them, you need to ensure that you place that campaign where your target market will see it. This again should be part of your market research.

If the majority of your potential customers use Facebook, Facebook is where you should advertise. If it’s Instagram or Twitter or any other social media platform, you need to ensure you are there with them. If your target market doesn’t use the internet that much, where do they spend their time? Would it be worth investing in radio or TV ads, or perhaps putting an advertisement in the local paper?  

As well as this, the ad itself needs to attract attention. You might find the exact right place to advertise, and you might find the exact right people to advertise to, but what makes you any better than their current provider?

You need to ensure your advertising stands out and shows them why they should at least check you out and ideally buy from you. Perhaps you’re running a competition and you shop used Audemars Piguet timepieces to give away a unique prize. Or maybe you’re sponsoring a local sports team or charity. It could be that you are less expensive or that you offer more. Ensure this information is included in your marketing, as it could make all the difference when it comes to growing your customer base.  

Don’t Forget Your Existing Customers 

Although it’s imperative for every business to attract new customers if it’s going to survive, no business owner should ever forget about the customers they already have. By ignoring the people who have made your business what it is so far, you run the risk of not only losing them but finding it hard to attract new ones since your reputation will be damaged.  

It’s much more cost-effective to sell additional items to an existing customer than it is to find new ones, which means that, although both elements are vital, you must ensure that your current customers are well looked after even while you are looking for new ones. Offering loyalty discounts or coupons if they introduce someone to your business (who then goes on to buy something) is a good way to show your appreciation and keep those all-important customers happy and spending money. 

Published: May 27, 2021

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