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Top 5 Recruiting Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agents

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Every brokerage wants to find the most talented real estate agents to work with them and achieve business success. What’s more, it’s a candidate’s job market. This makes recruitment more challenging than ever.

Still, recruiting the best of the best is not completely impossible. Here are some practical but definitely effective advice to improve your real estate agent recruitment strategies and hire the cream of the crop:

Work with Recruiters

The number of applicants you receive per job post can vary wildly, depending on the circumstances. One thing is for sure, however: unless your company name is Google (or anything of that caliber), you won’t have a steady stream of qualified candidates coming in regularly. This can be quite a problem in a lot of scenarios, but especially when you’re in a rush to hire.

Thus, it’s a good idea to work with recruiters who specialize in real estate. Their job is literally to fill jobs, so you’re assured to get candidates who fulfill or even exceed your requirements. They also have access to a lot of tools that make sourcing and recruitment easier. For example, they can try Getbrokerkit as a CRM tool that enables them to automate campaigns, acquire industry data, and capture leads for maximum efficiency.

In short, it’s best to leave the job to professionals. Recruiters have the necessary experience and tools, so their output will be objectively better.

Candidates = Customers

To attract the best real estate agents, you want your brokerage to be seen as a desirable workplace. However, you can’t achieve this if you treat candidates in a transactional manner. Even if they don’t make it until the end of the recruitment process, you shouldn’t consider them a one-and-done deal. Instead, you have to start thinking of job applicants as customers.

This simply means you need to develop a healthy business relationship with candidates. Treat them respectfully and hospitably, particularly during on-site interviews. If they have questions, respond to them politely and on time. It’s also best to provide them with multiple ways to get in touch, so it’s easy to contact you for anything related to the recruitment process. Finally, don’t burn bridges. Keep in touch with past candidates as they can be valuable parts of your professional network; they may also be future employees, given the right circumstances.

Go In-House

Sometimes, the best real estate agents are already your employees. They might just be in another department or perhaps awaiting a new and bigger role where they could shine brighter. Thus, before posting job ads and looking outside for applicants, consider reviewing your ranks first and see if someone fits the open job position.

What’s great about regularly promoting your employees or providing lateral opportunities is that it can boost morale. As a result, your team would be happier, more productive, and more efficient. As a bonus, you also wouldn’t have to worry about a culture fit or a long adjustment period. Your newly promoted employees can hit the ground running and further boost your brokerage’s growth.

Boast About Your Culture

Talented real estate agents aren’t just looking for a job with great compensation packages. They’re also looking for a working environment where they can grow. Moreover, they want to be in a brokerage where they feel accepted. As such, it’s not enough to describe the perfect role in your job ads. You should also be boasting about your excellent company culture.

Share some snapshots of company life on social media and on your website. If you can, use videos for more engagement. Testimonials from past and present employees and clients are also helpful in establishing the benefits of working with your brokerage.

You should also take the time to talk about your mission and vision. Many people want to make a living but more than that, they also want to find purpose in their career; if a candidate’s values align with yours, they’re more likely to consider accepting a job with you.

Develop Your Website and Careers Page

Aside from being the best place to showcase your company culture, mission, vision, and values, your brokerage’s website is also a repository of your content. This can help with your online visibility, primarily through SEO. If you don’t have a blog yet, consider creating one. Here, you can provide industry updates, discuss the latest trends, and share knowledge. All of this can contribute not just to your search engine rankings but also to establishing your credibility.

It’s also ideal if you have a separate career’s page. This way, you’ll have a central location for everything recruitment-related. Post all your available positions in detail; after all, you’re in your own space and you can get as in-depth as you want. You can also be more creative with what you post. For example, don’t just include information about available. You can also post content like job application tips and other recruitment-related content. This can drive more people to your page, further increasing the visibility of your job postings.

Hopefully, these simple tips can be of great use to your brokerage so that you can attract more talented candidates and improve the quality of your hires overall.

Published: July 28, 2021

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