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Things We Can Change Beyond the Pandemic

By: Angela Ash


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For more than a year, our lives seem to have been thoroughly influenced by the pandemic. With so many changes happening all at once, people have suddenly started sharing incredulous insights into things they never used to consider before.

Whether this is good or bad is in the eye of the beholder, as always, but still, there are many lessons to be learned from times of crises.

The conclusions are entirely up to individual standpoints. Whether you choose to embrace empathy or dive deeper into the misery of late-stage capitalism is up to you, but consider making this world a better place for everyone. That is probably the biggest lesson the pandemic has taught many of us, but sadly, not all.

Let’s take a look at the most notable changes we’ve discovered we need to apply in the future, business-wise.

Bring Professionalism Up a Notch

Much has been said about professionalism and somehow everyone seems to have their own definition of it. Of course, much depends on the culture you come from, but still there are some universalities we all can work on improving.

The general concept of spending time more efficiently while retaining a professional approach has never changed. However, with the emergence of new technologies, some new shortcuts have made drastic positive changes more possible than ever before.

For one thing, email correspondence that has so long been painstaking and time-consuming has finally gotten an improvement. The choice of a proper business email client can do wonders in this regard.

For another, project management tools seem to have become so sophisticated that they deserve proper attention. You may want to rethink your old strategies and start using some of the newer tools.

Use All of the Tech Available

The same approach applies to all other aspects of doing business. While everyone is aware of the convenience of modern online communication tools, some other benefits remain obscured.

For example, do you use kanban boards?

Kanban boards are a novel visualization tool that maps out the workflow (to do, doing, and done). Individual tasks are represented as cards (“kanban” is Japanese for “card”) that move from one column to another as they enter different completion phases. The tool, thus, provides a seamless overview of all the tasks.

Communication Is Key

The importance of communication has never been more obvious than during the pandemic… and not only business communication. While it is commendable that even the oldest generations who used to shy away from modern technologies have learned to use at least Skype, other benefits for those aware are not to be overlooked, either.

The significance of interpersonal communication has reached a whole new level and hopefully, we will move forward in a positive direction from here. Even if remote work has already been shifting the boundaries, it has also widened the gap that emerges from the lack of real-life interactions.

A healthy mixture of both is to be hoped for.

Employee Engagement Is a MUST

Next on, the matter of employee engagement has emerged as crucial. Not that we weren’t aware of retention and absenteeism before, but now the issues seem more chronic than ever.

Remote work is a great way to adjust your work to your lifestyle, but those unaccustomed to it may confuse the newfound freedom for slacking off.

To make sure your team is effective and content, you should engage your employees. While there is no winning formula that will work on everyone, you should know better. Employ anonymous feedback to get to know your team members and come up with viable engagement strategies.

Never Stop Learning

If you’re not a life-long learner, better change your attitude fast. Not only will it create additional opportunities for you but it will also help you feel better with yourself — in all aspects of your life.

With courses and training sessions now being fully adjustable and available at a click, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of eLearning (or mLearning, for that matter). Pick the topic you’re interested in and learn away!

Explore Other Employment Models

Lastly, digital nomadism is on the rise. This is one step beyond simple remote work — more and more people are actually considering moving abroad or traveling while bringing work with them. Notably, many people have chosen to exchange their dangerous and stressful jobs for the enjoyment of digital nomadism.

That is all well, but if you choose this path, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with foreign taxes and possible benefits.


As you can see, the world is going increasingly mobile. People are moving, jobs are moving, the world is moving. The only way to not only stay afloat, but to actually enjoy life in this hectic world is to keep expanding your views and experimenting with new technologies.

Innovation is the keyword these days but to what it exactly portends remains open to everyone’s individual perspective.

One thing is certain, however: the more open-minded you learn to be, the more opportunities will keep emerging. Embrace the new you and move on!

Published: July 19, 2021

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