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The Top 10 Metros for Coworking Spaces in 2022

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The way we work has changed drastically since the pandemic, with more businesses than ever before embracing remote work. While the world slowly returns to a new type of normal, hybrid and work-from-home schedules continue to thrive in a wide variety of sectors. As a result, the number of coworking spaces in major markets across the country has soared.

The increasing number of coworking spaces comes as great news for small businesses, most of which can benefit tremendously from a more flexible and, oftentimes, affordable office footprint. Many startups or smaller companies that operate remotely or employ freelancers prefer shorter leases that enable them to have more flexibility and time to assess their progress and plan accordingly. At the same time, coworking spaces are a one-stop-shop for many, giving them all the necessary tools to complete their work, meet clients in a professional environment, network with other professionals and even unwind in between tasks.

With this in mind, our friends at CoworkingCafe have been looking at which U.S. metro areas have the most to offer remote workers. In this brief wrap-up, we’ll take a look at the top ten.

1.   New York City, NY

With 594 coworking spaces on offer across the metro, NYC takes the number one spot. Within the city proper, remote workers can choose between an impressive 456 spaces, most of which can be found clustered in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This perhaps comes as no surprise, since the city is home to almost 900,000 remote workers.

2.   Los Angeles, CA

Hot on the heels of New York, the LA metropolitan area boasts 588 coworking spaces. Of these, 117 can be found within the city of Los Angeles itself. Meanwhile, Irvine is home to 95, while there are 28 in Newport Beach and 20 in Long Beach. With so many zip codes belonging to the city, remote workers throughout the LA metropolitan area will never find themselves too far from a flexible working space.

3.   Washington, D.C

The nation’s capital takes third place with 295 coworking spaces on offer. Washington D.C. has seen a huge shift in the number of remote workers, increasing by almost 50% since 2019. In an effort to meet demand, there are now 98 coworking spaces within the city itself, and a further 25 in Arlington, followed by 24 in Alexandria. But far from being limited to central hubs, remote workers can find flexible working spaces throughout the metro area.

4.   Chicago, IL

Chicago takes the fourth spot with 279 coworking spaces. Remote workers will find 154 flexible workspaces within the city itself, but fewer than 10 in surrounding cities within the metro area, such as Naperville, Schaumburg, and Evanston. This is mostly because there are very few business hubs outside of Chicago proper. However, it’s possible that coworking spaces will become more common outside of the city center as more and more workers choose to avoid the commute into town.

5.   Dallas – Fort Worth, TX

With a total of 261 coworking spaces, the Dallas – Fort Worth metropolitan area is the first entry on the list for Texas. The city of Dallas alone is home to 98 flexible working spaces, while many of the surrounding hubs boast more than ten each, including Plano, Irving, and Fort Worth. As such, remote workers drawn to the metro for good weather, Southern hospitality, and the lack of state income tax, will find plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a great place to get work done.

6.   Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is another city that has seen a huge percentage of workers switching to remote work since 2019. After an increase from 10% to 39%, it’s understandable that the metro area boasts 252 coworking spaces. Like Chicago, the vast majority of these — 133 — are located within the city, with the remaining spaces dispersed throughout the metro area. With just 20 flexible working spaces on offer, Alpharetta takes second place in the metro. There are many smaller business centers scattered throughout the metro, outside of the central hubs, that are also home to coworking spaces.

7.   Denver, CO

Sitting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is an attractive place to call home for those remote workers who enjoy the great outdoors. The metro boasts 218 coworking spaces in total, with 87 of those found within the city proper. Smaller cities in the metro also have plenty of workspaces to choose from, with 20 in Colorado Springs and 18 in Boulder. The remaining flexible working spaces are spread throughout 23 cities within the metro, ensuring plenty of choice for an area that has seen the number of remote workers increase by 3.5 times since 2019.

8.   Houston, TX

With 208 coworking spaces, the Houston metropolitan area comfortably makes the top ten list. These are spread across 15 cities, with 154 within Houston itself. Sugar Land is the only other city in the metro with more than 10 flexible working spaces to offer its residents. Despite this, coworking spaces are spread out fairly evenly across the metro, so remote workers will never find themselves traveling far to find one.

9.   Boston, MA

The Boston metro area is a well-known life science hub, but that doesn’t stop it from making the top ten with 198 coworking spaces on offer. Boston itself is home to 63 flexible working spaces, while Cambridge follows with 22. Outside of these hubs, the remaining cities within the metro typically have 5 or fewer coworking spaces on offer. Having said that, a large number of cities offer at least one coworking space, ensuring remote workers won’t have to look too far to find a place to work.

10.  Bay Area, CA

Rounding off the top ten, the Bay Area boasts 171 coworking spaces. Of these, 36 are located in San Jose, while a further 26 can be found in Oakland. Besides Berkeley and Santa Clara, with 17 and 12 spaces respectively, the remaining 27 cities offer fewer than 10 flexible working spaces each, with many offering just one. However, this ensures that remote workers will always find a coworking space close to home.

Top Takeaways

Looking on a wider scale, it’s interesting to see that California is the state with the most coworking spaces, boasting an impressive 1,188. That’s almost double that of Texas, which came in second. With states like Utah and Nevada, which tend to have fewer large metro areas, also making the top 25, it’s clear to see that coworking is taking off across the country.

Published: November 22, 2022

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