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Interview With Galen Hair: Insurance Claim HQ Owner and #1 Client Advocate

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We all know that being prepared can save you loads of time and money. But sometimes, it is difficult to know what to prepare for. Galen Hair, Owner of Insurance Claim HQ, has seen it all — from hurricanes and floods to holiday lighting ‘disasters’ — and his expertise makes us feel confident that clients will make better preparation decisions.

Insurance Claim HQ stands out from the pack because of Hair, himself. His personal story is one that inspires how his company does things, which is a mark of great leadership. Hair’s childhood in Arlington, Texas, was impoverished, which taught him how to work hard — from the age of 13. His family couldn’t afford electricity, so Hair used his natural talents to earn himself a scholarship to the Boston Conservatory, Royal College of Music, and Boston University, where he studied opera.

He put himself through college and Tulane law school with an empathy for families and small business owners always in the back of his mind. Nowadays, his clients love him because he has genuine heart that guides his values, morals, and company ethics.

While Hair was still in school, Hurricane Katrina hit. And in following his moral compass, Hair was guided to aid in disaster relief efforts. At the same time, he met several ‘social justice warriors,’ who inspired him to start the SHN, or Student Hurricane Network, to recover the area by enlisting volunteer law students to research and value homes.

This experience was Hair’s big turning point. He got a front row seat in the theater of real tragedy and saw how insurance firms put themselves and their bottom lines before the people they are supposed to help. After all, insurance is a business. Hair vowed to never be this way.

Through multiple careers in various law firms to gain experience, Hair eventually, and inevitably, broke away from the corporate world to cofound his own law business. It grew fast, garnering the Goldman Sachs 10000 Business Award and making the Inc. 500 list. While this growth was surely something to be proud of, Hair and his partner were so busy that Hair was unable to do the philanthropic work in which he was so invested.

Feeling lost but wanting to be free to help others, Hair started a law firm with his partner Alexander Shunnarah. Insurance Claim HQ was born in August of 2020, inspired by Hair’s experiences during law school. The new firm helped people in Louisiana and Texas, with its founders traveling along the Gulf to keep up the good work.

Property casualty work, to be exact.

“I always say, the stuff that happens to your home, that’s not your fault,” Hair says. “Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, things like that.”

Hair and his crew fights on the behalf of clients to get them what they are owed from their insurance companies. Most individuals have coverage for natural disasters but they aren’t in the income bracket that allows for spending on a home rebuild. Hair and his team has over 800 home clients, six churches, and more in their roster.

“It’s a full-circle moment for me,” says Hair. “Looking over everything Insurance Claim HQ has been able to do for our clients. I’m really glad we’ve been able to make such a dramatic difference in our little corner of the world. I can’t wait to expand and help more people everywhere.”

What Makes Insurance Claim HQ Different

During Hurricane Zeta in 2020, Hair, himself, suffered home destruction from the storm. But he put others first, opting to literally throw a tarp over the caved-in roof and heading out to help on the scene. This act is what Insurance Claim HQ is built on: the steadfast decision to always help where people are hurt most, to fix your own problems last. Hair and his team assuredly bolster families and business owners during their darkest hours.

“Most insurance companies will not treat you fairly in many cases,” says Hair. “It’s not personal; it’s business. Profits drive most things these days. But to me, it is personal. It’s possible to have a holistic approach to assisting a policyholder through a loss and putting them on the road to recovery. Picking up the pieces is something that shouldn’t have to be done alone.”

Southern roots beget Southern hospitality and manners. Hair prioritizes morals and values, and that is why he and Insurance Claim HQ are such an integral part of his community. Anyone can write a company mission statement, but it takes a real hero to act their mission statement out.

About Galen Hair: Galen M Hair, Owner at Insurance Claim HQ, is a property insurance attorney who has helped over 2000 families rebuild their homes and businesses. He has been rated a Super Lawyers Rising Star and voted one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Click here to learn more about protecting your property from disaster: http://www.insuranceclaimhq.com

Published: March 1, 2022

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