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Games at Work? It’s Not What You Think

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Establishing a positive company culture is absolutely essential when you’re looking to create a successful business. One concept many companies are relying on to help create a more fun and rewarding environment is gamification. With the implementation of gamification in the workplace, many businesses are seeing an increase in loyalty and satisfaction among employees and customers alike.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is exactly what it sounds like—applying the ideas and theories behind gaming in a context that otherwise has nothing to do with games. Especially given the surge of popularity in video games over the past few decades, the concepts used in these games have proven to be both entertaining and motivating for people across all demographics. What could be more fun than competing against others, and being rewarded for your hard work and participation?

How Is Gamification Used in the Workplace?

One of the most common ways gamification is implemented in the workplace is by taking everyday tasks that are often mundane, and giving them a new twist by breaking into teams within the company or a specific department, and creating a competition. A competitive environment often motivates employees to work hard to gain prizes and accolades among their fellow comrades, and usually leads to an increase in productivity, while in turn giving employees something to look forward to.

In addition to using gamification to motivate and encourage employees, some companies have created programs for their customers to encourage loyalty by offering rewards or even cash back for purchasing their products. These programs are very common among credit cards, some of which offer cash back, airline miles, or gift cards. At a time when many people are tightening the grip on their finances, it’s common to shop around and factor in the perks specific companies are offering customers to be sure you find the one that will help you stretch your dollar the farthest.

What Ways Will Gamification Be Used in the Future Workplace?

With the success of gamification in the workplace, it’s likely companies will continue to use this ideology as a way to create a competitive and fun environment for employees and customers, but with the implementation of updates and advancements as they become available. The use of technology in conjunction with gamification makes it possible to maintain up-to-the-minute notification and reports on the productivity of employees, allowing employers to easily identify areas that need improvement with specific employees, and also things that need to be discussed across the board to ensure practices and policies are being properly followed. It’s likely that as technology improves and advances, the means for reporting the results of gamification will advance as well.

annabelle-smythAuthor: Annabelle Smyth is a freelance writer who covers everything from HR to technology and leadership skills. She enjoys learning more about how to make leaders & businesses successful.

Published: September 14, 2016

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