There are entrepreneurs, and there are successful entrepreneurs. If you want to be in the second group, there are certain habits and practices you’ll want to begin incorporating right now. Big name entrepreneurs, like Donald Trump and Richard Branson, made it to where they are today by making these habits part of everyday life. Don’t allow the magnitude of their success to leave you feeling that you’re incapable of making it. Entrepreneurs who are successful today started out at the bottom just like you.

Successful Entrepreneurs Incorporate These Habits & Practices
  1. Always Make Improvements. A successful entrepreneur is always looking to improve his or her habits, as well as the business model. To do this you must be honest with yourself at all times. If something could work or perform better, make the necessary improvements to get there.
  2. Be Innovative. Entrepreneurs are idea people who also have the foresight and know-how to bring their ideas to life. Don’t be afraid to be innovative. In fact, keep a pad of paper and pen handy at all times so you never get caught unprepared when the next great idea comes.
  3. Allow Time for Catch-up. As ideas unfold and you continue to achieve your entrepreneurial goals, there will come a time when you need to slow down a bit and let everything and everyone catch up.
  4. Be Prepared for Ideas. You’ve probably found that new concepts and ideas develop at the most inopportune times, like when you’re sleeping or in a meeting. Be prepared to record them without skipping a bit. Keep a hand-held recorder next to your bed, and use a note-taking app to jot down information.
  5. Feed Your Passions. Entrepreneurs are known for their passion. But if you become too bogged down by work, you may find yourself feeling rather passionless. Tap into your passion in other areas, such as a hobby or favorite activity. Participate in these activities regularly so the passion you feel spills over into your business.
  6. Don’t Dwell on Mistakes. Everyone makes them, and if you’re moving at a fast pace with your business, you’re likely to make even more. Don’t dwell on mistakes or failures; allow them to be part of the learning process and move forward.
  7. Take Calculated Risks. Risk-taking is an important part of building a business. There’s a big difference between stupid risks and calculated risks. Weigh your options, do your research and you won’t have to feel like you’re gambling whenever you step out onto that limb.
  8. See the Big Picture and the Small Details. To achieve above and beyond what the average person does, an entrepreneur has to be able to see the big picture, while still having an eye for details. Alternate between the two as the situation dictates, remembering that multiple viewpoints allow you maintain a subjective view of the business project you’re working on.
  9. Strive for Balance. Most entrepreneurs are also over-achievers. While it’s beneficial to have a lot of drive and ambition, it’s not to your advantage to invest it all into your business. Set aside time and energy for your family, health and personal interests.
Start Slowly, Progress Consistently
Believe it or not, overnight success takes years to achieve. To avoid being overwhelmed, start adding these practices into your repertoire one or two at a time. Allow a month for them to become habitual. As you do more to achieve your entrepreneurial goals, you must be consistent in following through with these actions. Eventually, the day will come when these steps come naturally and you find yourself incorporating them without thinking twice. When this day arrives, you’ll know you’re on your way to reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.