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How Your Business Can Save with LED Recessed Lights

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Whenever we talk about lighting, especially in offices and warehouses, we have seen a huge shift from traditional sources of light to LED (Light Emitting Diode). So, you must be wondering about what exactly LED Recessed Light is.

The answer to this is very simple. Any light which is downlight and installed in a hollow opening is called a recessed light. It is actually the LED lights that are installed inside circular openings in the ceiling. The light is extremely bright and has had an extensive and growing market reach in commercial and residential use. 

LED recessed lighting basically has two parts: Trim and the housing. The housing is the part holding the lamp and fixed to the hollow structure, and the other part is the light that is visible to us. These types of lights generally have sturdy glass coverings and multiple other features.

They are usually crafted in a way that they can stay strong and durable for longer periods of time. They also have aluminum fitting which adds to its durability. LED lighting can give 50 times more service than any other conventional lighting. This contributes to less maintenance and less need to replace bulbs within a very small interval of time. It is calculated that an LED Recessed light will have a lifespan of approximately 11 years if used 12 hours per day. This is an extraordinary lifespan and adds greatly to its advantages, especially for commercial use.

The energy saving feature of recessed LED light from companies like https://www.lepro.com/ utilize at least 85% less electricity and power than  other conventional lights. They generally have a power rating of 12 watts and are equipped with multiple lumen outputs, which helps adjust the colour temperature (e.g. warm, bright, etc.) 

LEDs heat up less compared to incandescent bulbs and thus emit less heat. They do not emit any harmful UV or Infrared radiations which may be harmful to the people. There is also less flickering and allows a narrow beam of lighting, which helps to adjust the room ambience.

With all these features mentioned above, consumers are choosing LEDs more often. Looking at the global market, there are a few companies like Globe Electric, Eaton Corporations, Osram GmbH, and Philips Lighting Holding B.V. that have been playing a key role in growing the market of LED recessed lighting. There are three splits of the LEDs available: High Power, Medium Power and Low Power. They are mostly used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, and also in schools and institutions. The market is driven by needs.

By the year 2026, the LED market is likely to cross a benchmark in valuation of over 150 billion dollars. The introduction of LED recessed lights has changed the lighting market and introduced a more cost-effective and efficient environment for businesses and homes across the globe. 

Published: June 28, 2021

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