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How IT Teams Are Making Remote Working Successful

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More people are working remotely these days than ever before, something that a lot of professionals are coming to love. While many people had some experience with remote working before the pandemic induced a society-wide lockdown, most people had little to no experience with remote work periods that lasted for weeks or literally months at a time.

However, too few professionals working from home have come to appreciate a common thread. This entire endeavor is only possible because of IT experts who are enabling greater levels of digital connectivity than we’ve ever seen in the past.

Here’s an exploration of how IT teams are making remote working work, and why companies and individuals should begin to value digital expertise more if they want to obtain success in the marketplace of tomorrow.

Most companies are making a permanent pivot

It’s no secret that large swathes of the contemporary workforce have made the pivot to remote working in order to ensure commercial efficiency doesn’t suffer despite the loss of face-to-face interactions between employees and customers. What too few people realize is that some companies are planning to make this a permanent pivot. According to data collected by Gartner, for instance, approximately 74 percent of respondent companies claim that they’ll be permanently shifting toward remote work arrangements that rely upon digital connectivity, even once the pandemic expires.

Truth be told, there’s no way to ascertain whether or not many of these companies will stick by their word, when COVID-19 is eventually defeated and a vaccine makes it possible for us to return to a semblance of normal life. After all, many companies which may accurately believe that remote working is the best long-term option right now may come to find that their analysis changes in a future where person-to-person interactions are once again acceptable. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that we’ve seen a marketplace-wide shift when it comes to how much we utilize and respect remote working arrangements.

Oftentimes, however, we’re forgetting the tireless work of the capable IT experts who made this pivot possible in the first place. While most entrepreneurs and corporate professionals will eagerly agree that digital technology has made doing business better than ever before, few of them are investing sufficient amounts of money into their own IT teams.

Indeed, many companies still outsource their IT investments entirely, and have never even considered developing their own in-house IT expertise. There are compelling reasons to invest in quality information strategy tools that will help your company maintain its remote work arrangements.

It’s time to listen to the experts

What are IT experts themselves saying about remote work arrangements? For the most part, they’re actually warning us that the current status quo can’t be maintained without some serious changes.

Remote work strategies designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 aren’t always sustainable nor as effective as those implementing them like to think. They’re far superior to the old ways of doing business, but by no means should we content ourselves until we’ve mastered the art of remote working. Serious companies, like those working in search engine optimization, understand how to make remote working effective, but many newcomers to the world of digital telework are still making some costly mistakes that will haunt them.

IT teams can’t be trusted to halt the spread of COVID-19 by themselves; business managers must also listen to public health experts. Similarly, levels of IT investment must be not only maintained but expanded upon if remote work is to become the new normal.

Before long, we’ll see that we can’t just value and cherish our IT experts, but must also provide them and medical professionals with the level of resources they need to totally remake our economy.

Published: September 4, 2020

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