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Hiring a New Employee? Consider the Virtual Advantages

By: Lisa Zeeveld



Navigating the growth of a small business is all about knowing when to take the next leap. Jump too soon or too far, and you’ll fall. Wait too long to make a move, and the industry might just leave you behind. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than how small companies approach hiring. Hiring a new employee is a huge commitment and financial burden on the company. But as your client load grows without additional staff, you can easily become overwhelmed and not only miss out on critical new business but also allow your current clients to suffer if you’re spread too thin.

Speedy Hiring Solutions

BELAY was founded as a solution to that exact tension.

BELAY is an industry-leading flexible staffing solution for busy leaders in any industry. They believe in making the hiring leap a little smaller and a little easier. Just like for a rock climber, BELAY is there to give leaders the confidence to climb higher in their business.

Founded in 2010, BELAY began by offering Virtual Assistant services but has expanded to include a suite of accounting and financial services as well as social media support. The idea is simple: flexible staffing solutions that save businesses time and money while setting them up to scale.

Pulling from a pool of nationwide talent, BELAY has a bench of over 2,000 pre-vetted, U.S.-based contractors just waiting to be matched with a company. The average client is paired with their Specialist in a week—months faster than the average hiring time for most businesses. And the best part is that you only pay for what you need—and when your needs change, so can your BELAY solution.

Case Study for Hiring a New Employee

BELAY client Rob Herold is the owner and operator of a Chick-fil-A restaurant with over 125 employees. He eventually realized that while business was good, his leadership wasn’t.

“As the entrepreneur of the business, there’s a lot of stuff on my plate,” Rob said. “I’d find myself overwhelmed with daily tasks. I’d always have emails I hadn’t gotten to, or that were forgotten… I would miss meetings, and I would have people that wanted to spend time with me—and I couldn’t find time to meet with them.”

Within a week after their first meeting, BELAY matched Rob with his new Virtual Assistant, Mindy. They talked through his email and calendar. “I didn’t have to train her [on] anything,” Rob remembered. “She came with a predetermined set of skills, knowledge, life experience, and work experience.”

Right away, Mindy organized Rob’s email accounts, decluttered his inbox, and developed a system for sorting and prioritizing his messages—but that was just step one. Over time, she expanded to managing his calendar, curating his weekly to-do list, and facilitating all of the executive team and strategic meetings for his business—all from several states away.

Once Mindy helped Rob clear out the administrative backlog that was dragging him down, she helped him reach for bigger goals. Rob had always dreamed of a system where he could spend intentional time with each employee monthly.

With Mindy, that dream is now a reality.

“I’m an analytical person,” shared Rob. “I’m all about structure and systems. Mindy is the perfect pairing to that mindset. I take big-picture stuff, and she can figure out the nitty-gritty details. I am more productive now than I’ve ever been. I feel more confident now than I ever did before in getting things done in my business.”

Streamline the Process for Efficiency

That perfect pairing is no accident—it’s part of the BELAY secret sauce.

They’re not just assigning clients to the next available candidate. Their intentional placement process does the hard work for you by vetting thousands of candidates to find the right match based on your industry, personality, and working style. And with a 93% first-match success rate, it’s part of what makes BELAY unique in the staffing world.

“I’ve been able to delegate a lot off my plate,” Rob said. “I can [now] spend time dreaming, thinking, writing, planning, and meeting with people—doing the things only I can do.”

That’s the magic of BELAY: freeing up leaders to focus on what matters most—whether that’s the next big move for their business or simply making it home in time for dinner.

The truth is, if you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant. That’s the reality of owning a business—administrative details have to get done. So, if you’re burning the candle at both ends and too busy to grow your business, it’s time to ask for help. And you’re not alone. Not only has BELAY helped thousands of leaders over the last 13 years, but for the last nine, they’ve been on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies.

“The temporary and contract staffing industry has been on the decline since late 2022, with a 2% decrease predicted in 2023,” says Tricia Sciortino, BELAY CEO. “And despite this decline, BELAY has consistently grown.

“Our growth truly is a testament to the exceptional service we’re committed to providing our clients, and we’re humbled to continue to outpace industry standards.”


Published: December 1, 2023

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Lisa Zeeveld is CFO of BELAY, providers of virtual assistant, accounting, and social media staffing solutions. She is a financial mentor and small business finance expert who strives to help BELAY clients succeed. Lisa is fanatical about people and numbers, the utilization of agile methodologies, bottom-line profitability, and creating opportunities for professional and personal growth. With her Series-6 Limited Securities and Health and Life Insurance licenses and prior experience in corporate finance and personal wealth management for several Fortune 500 companies, Lisa is an accomplished TEDx Speaker uniquely equipped to drive strategic initiative success by focusing on financial goals holistically.

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