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Fixing Nursing Home Issues From the Inside Out

By: Brian Wallace


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COVID-19 brought the attention it needed to many of the issues facing nursing homes, and it is clear these problems have existed long before the pandemic happened.

Nursing homes face a number of issues, including poor living conditions and health code violations. 94% of nursing homes were cited for health violations and 17% of these caused real, physical harm to patients, including bedsores, medical confusions, faulty diet or nutrition, and abuse and neglect.  These problems raise cause for serious concern, as the demand for nursing homes has increased over the years. 65-year-olds have a 70% chance of needing long-term care, and 20% of them will require care for more than five years. 

Nursing homes also face financial problems. From 1999 to 2008, 50% of hospital-based facilities shut down, 11% of freestanding facilities closed, and 10% of rural facilities shut down.

Nursing homes are required to follow a certain standard, and if they do not, they are at a higher risk of shutting down, and often these problems weaken the facility if they face poor recreation options and poorly constructed physical design, in addition to defective medical reimbursement, costly overhead costs, and breaches of biohazard safety.

You must know the basics of design for nursing homes before creating any change. All nursing homes should have the same basic layout, including patient rooms, lobby spaces, staff rooms, public and private bathrooms, and food preparation areas,  all with safety at the forefront when creating these designs.  It is beneficial to use effective appliances and technology, high-quality, budget-friendly, economically priced technology, and most importantly to use high quality of care and attention to organizing the building.

Investing in cost-effective architecture, including nursing home flooring such as luxury vinyl tiles for smooth and fall-proof and slip-resistant surfaces and stone particle composite for waterproof abilities, will significantly enhance the design of nursing homes.  During COVID-19, you must examine hygiene with importance to protect the patients from the virus and enforce a sense of security and sanitation when creating the buildings. Their health is of the utmost importance

Nursing homes are supposed to be just that: a home that takes care of its patients, not an impersonal institution, so it is important to take this into consideration so that the place feels welcoming and homely.  Nursing homes will need a great change before they can reach this level and redefine their reputation, but it is not impossible, it will take thought and planning, but the ending result will be rewarding.

 Reimagining Nursing Homes From The Inside Out: Modern Design For A Whole New Look

Published: March 19, 2021

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