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What’s Inconvenient Customer Service Costing You?

By: Teresa Allen



Avaya this week announced the results of a Customer Effort Impact Survey that highlights how the amount of work a customer exerts to obtain service affects business priorities of revenue and market growth, brand loyalty, and operational margins. According too Avaya, the results “reinforce the value of a customer experience characterized by a low-effort, personalized approach to fulfill customers’ needs.”

The Cost of Inconvenience
If a customer has to go through too many steps they will bolt. This appears to be truest where high effort is needed to resolve an issue, vs. low-to-moderate effort:
  • 66% likely to stop spending money with a company as a result of a high effort experience
  • 37% extremely likely to stop spending as result of high effort experience
So what can you do to avoid this swamp of customer loss? The study indicated that providing a personalized, knowledgeable, and engaging experience is key:
  • 87% rate the customer service agents’ knowledge of a product/service important to their ongoing experience
  • 83% rate friendly, engaging customer service reps as important to their ongoing interactions
So you need friendly people who know what they are talking about on your customer service front lines. Now if that isn’t common sense customer service, I don’t know what is!
So what are YOU doing to make it convenient not only for customers to buy your product, but to resolve problems through your customer service department when a problem arises? I hope you will share your strategies through a comment on this post!
Click here to view Avaya’s Cost of Inconvenience Infographic on this study and stay tuned for our next blog post re: what the study has to say about the impact on customer lifetime value.
This article was originally published by Allen Speaks
Published: July 1, 2013

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