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How to Thank Customers for Their Business

How to Thank Customers for Their Business

Customers are the backbone of your small business; without them, your business would cease to exist. This is why customer acquisition is crucial, as well as keeping them as returning customers. The easiest and often most overlooked method of developing loyal customers who regularly pay for your product or services is by properly thanking them. It is important to go above and beyond for your customers especially you are in a competitive market. This could make-or-break whether your company succeeds or fails. Be sure that you are properly thanking your customers with these key tips.

Handwritten Thank You Letters – Everybody enjoys receiving a nice postcard or letter. It makes people feels important and cared for. That is why you should be thanking customers with a personal Thank You note. To stand out from your competition, make sure to handwrite this note. It shows an even greater level of dedication to your clients. If handwriting is difficult due to volume, you should at least try to individually sign off on each Thank You note. Give this a try and you will see clients choosing to come back to you.

Excellent Customer Service Representatives – The first point of contact a customer has with a live person after purchasing a product at your small business will often be the customer service representative on the phone. This may be for a complaint about the product or to express appreciation. Other customers may have questions regarding the product. It is important that your representatives are properly trained because they serve as the face of your small business. Do not discount the impression that customer service representatives will leave of your firm. If they are rude or impatient, your customers will not come back.

Easy Return/Exchange Policy – Sometimes customers find a defect with the product or that they have no more use for it. The quickest way of getting rid of a customer forever is by telling them there are no returns or exchanges. Your small business immediately loses credibility and trust. Do not let this happen by maintaining a simple policy for returns or exchanges such as within 30-days. Given that this is standard for many businesses, feel free to go above and beyond by potentially offering free trials for your product or service. Maybe a test run is what the client needed in order to go ahead with the purchase.

Check-in with Customers – Just as with Thank You notes, you can keep customers aware of your small business by occasionally checking in with them via mail or email. Mail is preferable as it allows you to write something handwritten. Send your customers a letter every few months to show how your business stands out from the rest.

Running a small business is all about the details. Properly thanking your customers is something that you must do better than your competition. For more advice or answers to any questions, be sure to visit biz2credit.com and speak to a representative.

Published: May 31, 2017

Source: Biz2Credit

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