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Smile + Personalization = Customer Service Success

By: Teresa Allen


Last week I stopped in Marshalls to look for a top to go with a new skirt. A professional shopper never stops when the original hunt is completed, and that is my excuse for winding up in the check-out line with a few travel items that I thought would be handy on summer vacation.

When I got to the register, I was greeted by a representative who had a truly contagious smile. I was having a pretty good day, but I think even if I wasn’t, cashier Robin’s smile was genuine and wide enough that my response would have been the same, a big smile right back at her. In the hustle and bustle of customer service encounters, we can forget how critical just a smile is to our success. Whether in a face to face encounter or on the phone, our smile will most often be ricocheted back to us making the customer experience journey a more pleasant one for all involved.
What Robin did in combination with the smile was the real differentiator. Noticing that one of the items I was purchasing was an insulated rolling duffel, she asked me if I was headed to the beach. I told her that I wished I was, but that sadly I wouldn’t be headed that way for a few months. With more of her broad smile, she commented on how quickly time would pass and expressed wishes for a great time. (Should I mention that we also discussed what type of beverages might be carted in the cooler… of course we did… Robin is now my smiling friend at Marshalls!!)
How many times have you purchased something when it was just a transaction? You know the type; the money changes hands, a thank you may be uttered and that is it. How different when you the customer become a person with a LIFE in which the customer service representative takes genuine interest. A transaction then transforms into a memorable encounter that builds a relationship and leads to future sales.
Congratulations to Robin. Thanks for letting me share the picture* of your awesome smile! Marshalls is lucky to have you and I was fortunate to experience your sincere zeal for life and your customers! (*If you don’t see Robin’s picture where you are reading this, click over to www.AllenSpeaks.com!)
This article was originally published by Allen Speaks
Published: June 9, 2014

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