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Outsourcing to a Call Center: How Will This Profit Your Business?

Outsourcing to a Call Center

It doesn’t matter if you own a product-based company or a service-oriented business; what matters is that you established an important objective, namely providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Over the years, you implemented different solutions in order to provide prompt, correct and professional answers to numerous questions and clear any doubts confusing your clients. You know that all these efforts count because they help you not only preserve current loyal customers, but also attract prospective clients.

However, the reality is that you are struggling, and this causes you a great amount of frustration. For this reason, you started thinking about outsourcing to a call center, but you still don’t have the certainty that this will prove to profit your business compared to in-house call center. You are fully aware that outsourced call center services have become a trend that many business owners embraced quickly, but you want to understand why.

Identifying the advantages and disadvantages offered by in-house call center

  • An in-house call center gives you the chance to add a personal touch to the services offered, not to mention the flexibility and security you enjoy. Not involving a third party in your business operations eliminates the possibility of client data exposure. As a result, customers will not hesitate to interact with representatives of your brand.
  • Nevertheless, you cannot overlook the obvious drawbacks consisting in major costs for the staff and infrastructure, on-going maintenance, low productivity and business interruption.
  • Internal and external changes have the power to ruin the qualitative support provided to your customers, even if for a short period.

Having seen the benefits and drawbacks of this first option, you now wonder about the choices of your competitors. Is their outsourced call center service more advantageous for business?

Comparing the in-house call center options with outsourced call center services

This question inevitably leads us to the second variant, namely outsourced call center services. Starting with the benefits:

  • The cost-effectiveness that comes with outsourcing. We are talking about a savings rate of approximately 50%. For some business owners, this alone is enough to convince them about the profitability brought by this option.
  • Since you are reaching out to a third party to handle customers questions, you and your employees can direct your full attention towards core activities and operations within the company, which results in higher productivity.
  • You have the certainty that those people interacting with your loyal clients have the necessary professionalism and training to find a solution for any unexpected problem.
  • The main drawback refers to less control. Obviously, you will not be able to visit the location of the call center often, so you cannot supervise the staff personally.

The truth is that both options—in-house and outsourcing—come with advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing is to determine which one suits your needs better.

Published: March 19, 2018

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