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How to Take Control of Your Professional Life and Career

By: Jeremy Bowler


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Working is about more than just having a job and showing up to the office each day. For you, it may be your livelihood and matter a great deal to you. You might be providing for yourself or your family and striving to make sure that you can always support yourself.

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How far you go and what you can achieve is ultimately in your hands. However, you may not have this mindset and could be running into setbacks and delays at work or with climbing the corporate ladder. If you feel stuck or are unsure of how to proceed then you may be interested in knowing how to take control of your professional life and career so you can come out on top.

Make A Solid Plan

Take control of your professional life and career by making a solid plan for where you’re heading and what you want to accomplish. It should include both short-term and long-term goals, which could include contacting Wegman Partners to help find you the ideal position in a law firm, and details about how you can meet each objective in a timely manner. Your plan can act as your roadmap so that it guides you in your actions and keeps you focused on working hard and provides you with a purpose each day. Dive deeper into what you’re passionate about and what drives you so that you find a job and career you feel satisfied with at the end of the day.

Know How Others View You

It’s also important that you know how others view you if you want to take control of your professional life and career. You should not only work on gathering feedback at work and from your professional connections but also see what’s being said about you over the Internet. In the case that you don’t like what you see then you should learn how to clean your online reputation so you can be put in a more positive light in this space. The reason you want to know what image you’re giving off and portraying is so that you can change and modify anything you don’t like or that you find to be damaging to your character and career.

Challenge Yourself

Take control of your professional life and career by challenging yourself often. Step outside your comfort zone and take on tasks that you may find difficult initially. Embrace your fears instead of running away from them and see where it takes you. You may discover strengths you never knew you had which can be life and career-changing for you. Always keep in mind that you can make changes and take on new roles at any age. It’s okay to be uncomfortable and feel like you’re being stretched at times. These are opportunities for growth and can make you a better worker or entrepreneur in the long run.

Continue Learning & Developing Your Skills

If you want to take control of your professional life and career then you should commit to continuing to learn and grow over the years. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and know what areas you need to focus on to become a more well-rounded employee or business owner. Determine what skills you need to get ahead and perform better on the job. Find opportunities to learn and develop your skills so that you can achieve more and stand out among the crowd. It’s important that you not become too comfortable in one place and are always willing to see what other talents you can discover and unfold.

In many professions, certifications are crucial in demonstrating expertise and competency in specific fields. Obtaining certifications can enhance your credibility, boost your resume, and open doors to new opportunities. For example, in the financial industry, the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam is a widely recognized certification that validates an individual’s knowledge of basic securities industry concepts. By preparing for the SIE exam, you can familiarize yourself with key topics such as securities products, regulatory agencies, and industry regulations. Visit this webpage for free sample questions and prep quizzes for the SIE exam, get valuable practice, and help gauge your readiness for the exam. Investing in certifications like the SIE can show your commitment to professional growth and give you a competitive edge in a competitive job market.

Network & Build Strong Relationships

Another step to take when wanting to gain more control over your professional life and career is to network more frequently. It’s an excellent opportunity to build strong relationships with others and take in new information and perspectives on the business world and your industry. You never know who you’ll meet that will be able to help propel your career forward or give you insights that will take you in a new and better direction. You might also find it beneficial to get a mentor and have someone you can lean on and trust when you need advice or aren’t sure what way to head next.


Take your professional life and career to the next level using these tips. You’ll be able to gain greater control over your future and not let external distractions get in the way when you have a solid plan in place to follow. Remember to be patient with yourself because finding your dream job and long-term success usually doesn’t come easy and it may take some time before you feel like you’re fully in the driver’s seat and calling the shots.

Published: March 23, 2022

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