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Day Trip to London? Here’s Your 8-point Checklist

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When traveling for business, sometimes you just need a day to yourself, especially when visiting a major tourist city like London. But whether you’re in London for business or pleasure, you will definitely want to plan out all the sights to see and places to experience in this iconic city before you arrive.

With endless numbers of famous buildings, historical landmarks and insanely delicious foodie spots, it is actually quite easy to quickly become overwhelmed in the city. But not to worry, as we are here to help you create your ultimate bucket list of spots to visit if you’re not staying overnight, so that you can make the most of every moment there.

Here are the top places for tourism in London that you absolutely need to visit.

  1. A Luggage Storage Facility (yes, we’re serious)

Okay, you may be scratching your head a bit at first on this one. But bear with us for a second. The reason for starting with luggage storage in London is so you can safely and securely store your bags while you go out and explore the city. Luggage can easily hold you back and make hopping from place to place extremely challenging. No one wants to be sweaty while enjoying their afternoon tea and scones near Buckingham Palace or risk knocking into other people while traveling on the Tube. So making your first spot to visit a luggage storage facility will ensure that you won’t be bogged down by your bags. 

  1. Big Ben

This iconic clock is something that every tourist should see at least once. Located in Westminster near all the other iconic buildings, this clocktower is often referenced in songs, books and movies about London. So you owe it to yourself to see it in person at least once! And the way it is positioned in proximity to the street, you will be able to get a few good Instagram travel photos too. 

  1. Buckingham Palace

Whether or not you like the royal family, it is also an absolute must for tourists to pay a visit to Buckingham Palace. While your chances of seeing the Queen are extremely rare, the building itself is reason enough to go check out. Plus, it is located very conveniently to a range of parks you can stroll through as well. And if you time it right, you will be able to see the changing of the guards in action, too. 

  1. The London Eye

This is a more modern attraction amongst a sea of old-school tourist sites in London. But the London Eye is still worth the visit. It is essentially a Ferris Wheel and provides you with a stunning aerial view of the whole city. The pods are super comfy and it is a great way to spend an hour or so enjoying London’s magnificent skyline. We recommend timing it with the sunset as if it is not completely overcast you will be treated to a fiery sky as well. 

  1. The Tate Modern

If you are a lover of art, then the Tate Modern is an absolute must. And even if the arts aren’t really your thing, the design of the building is extremely beautiful and worth checking out even if just for a short time. There are usually exhibitions there that only pop up for a short time and often provide you with a chance to view art from all over the world. 

  1. The Globe Theatre

Okay, so it’s important to state that this is not the original theatre, as that unfortunately burnt down in a fire. But it is a modern reconstruction of the theatre that hosted the iconic Shakespeare performances for years and years. They offer guided tours that tell you all about the unique history of the building and if you are lucky enough, you can even snag tickets to view the show in real-time. 

  1. The Tower of London

If you are into medieval history and want to learn all about what torture and prison were like in London back in the day, then this place is for you. The Tower of London has been around since the early 1000s—yes you read that correctly—and is jam-packed with a history that you could easily soak up for an entire day. This is also where many of the Crown Jewels are securely stored. 

  1. Platform 9 ¾

Calling all Harry Potter fans—this one’s for you. While this spot in the King’s Cross Station is a result of the Harry Potter fandom and really only exists in fiction (because you can’t literally go through the wall and catch a train to Hogwarts), it is still an iconic spot to take a photo and geek out for a bit. 

With so many places to go in London, where will you visit first?

Published: October 19, 2021

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