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When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team: Key Tips

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What do you usually do when you need some additional talents in your team? Probably, you give your HR specialists a task to find an expert who has the required skills. But is it always feasible? Is your corporate structure easily scalable?

When it comes to IT services and software development, it’s worth thinking about outsourcing. And hiring dedicated development team is one of the most popular options when it is necessary to build software products, especially when companies do not have an in-house team of programmers or when their teams do not include specialists who can cope with the set tasks. So, how to hire software developers if you do not want to expand your team with additional in-house talents?

In this article, we’d like to explain why companies hire dedicated development teams and when this cooperation model will be the most appropriate choice for your business.

Dedicated software development team: What is it?

It is impossible to make a decision to hire a dedicated development team without a good understanding of what this model offers and what benefits it has.

Dedicated development teams are an outsourcing model that presupposes the creation of a separate unit that is focused on the project realization in strict accordance with the requirements provided by a client. In other words, you, as a client, should clearly realize the goals of your project and, consequently, your needs regarding the skills and knowledge of specialists who will develop a software product for you.

A vendor (an outsourcing agency) will be responsible not only for hiring developers and other team members but also for all other related administrative tasks and issues like payrolls, vacations, sick leaves, etc. Though you will not have to spend your time and resources on dealing with these responsibilities, you will be able to manage and control the entire development process and developers will report to you.

When you hire dedicated development team, you can be fully focused on your key business activities and have reliable programmers by your side without devoting any special effort to administrative processes.

Will this model suit everyone? Definitely not. There are cases when hiring a development team won’t be sensible at all (for example, when you have a short-term project). Nevertheless, at the same time, there are a lot of situations when it will be the best option that is available today.

Below we will provide you with more detailed information on conditions that will be favorable for establishing cooperation with an outsourcing agency and creating a dedicated team that will work on your project.

Who usually hires dedicated software development teams?

Today companies of different types and sizes work with dedicated developers. And what is important to note is that dedicated teams are hired even by those companies that work in the software development industry when there is such a need and they want to temporarily expand their capacities.

But what companies usually need to hire dedicated development teams?

  • Startups. As you know teams of startups can consist of just 2-3 people, including a founder and a CEO. And it is obvious that hiring 3-4 in-house developers won’t be feasible, especially when a startup doesn’t plan to develop software on a permanent basis and needs to launch just one product.
  • Businesses that have a small budget. When you hire in-house specialists, you should be ready to pay salaries to them even when an active development phase is already over. When you work with dedicated developers, your cooperation will stop when all tasks are fulfilled. And, consequently, you do not have to pay salaries when no services are needed.
  • Companies at the active growth stage. When a company plans to launch a software product to satisfy its new business needs and demands but its management is not sure about the further strategy of development or their financial policy, it will be risky to hire in-house programmers. In such a situation, hiring dedicated development team will be a perfect option.
  • Established companies that want to launch a specific project. Even when a company is absolutely stable, hiring new in-house specialists can be absolutely senseless, especially when new skills are required for one particular project only.

When is it sensible to hire a dedicated development team?

Let’s try to summarize when companies (regardless of their type) prefer to work with dedicated developers. We can define the following cases:

  • When project requirements are changing. A dedicated team model offers a lot of flexibility, that’s why even when you know that your requirements will definitely change, don’t be afraid of choosing this option.
  • When you have a long-term project. Dedicated developers can work on your project over a long period of time. However, for short-term plans, it will be better to select another form of cooperation.
  • When your in-house team doesn’t include the necessary skills. Outsourcing provides you with access to a global pool of talents, which means that even developers from another part of the world can easily join your team.
  • When you feel that your company doesn’t have enough expertise. Hiring dedicated development team allows you to expand your team with new talents and you can hire programmers with expertise in specific business domains for achieving the best results.
  • When there are not enough specialists in your in-house team. This cooperation model lets you expand your team with new resources.

As you see, a dedicated software development team model can be appropriate in many cases given all the benefits and new opportunities that it offers to businesses. That’s why if you are also considering different variants for enriching your team with external talents, this model is definitely worth your attention.

Author: Julia Sakovich is a technical writer at Geomotiv with solid expertise in a wide range of IT-related topics, including but not limited to software and mobile development, outstaffing, and ecommerce. With her hunger for new knowledge and interest in modern technologies, Julia has a deep understanding of industry trends and is always open to conducting research on her own. Her articles are published on the leading content platforms devoted to technologies and software development.

Published: November 23, 2022

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