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How to Hire the Best People for Your Team

By: Luke Britton


Affordable Hiring Ideas for Bootstrappers

The success of any company comes down to the people who make it. People can be your most powerful assets so the hiring process is one that requires diligence and patient consideration. From the job posting you create to the methods in which you look for potential candidates, there are things you can do to ensure you hire the right people and make your team the strongest it can be.

A New Age in Employment

After the pandemic changed the world of work forever, it’s time to start thinking about the future and begin thriving as a business, not just surviving.  The ambitions of employees are changing too as they seek an occupation that will give them the work/life balance they desire after multiple lockdowns made them realise what was truly important. The four day week pilot has been underway for a while now, but new research suggests that employees would prefer a flexible working schedule even over that option.

When it comes to starting the hiring process for a vacant role in your company, you need to keep all of these trends in mind. Appeal to the employees of today and create an opportunity that’s too good to miss. When can make compromises to meet the meeds of the modern worker, you’re going to end up with a much more dedicated, loyal employee who feels valued and appreciated for their work.

How to Write an Effective Job Posting

Creating the right time involves finding the right individuals and finding the right individuals requires posting the right advertisement. The better the quality of the advertisement, the better quality applicant you will attract. Here are a few best practises to bear in mind when you write your job advertisements:

  • Make it clear what the role involves. From the beginning, be clear and transparent about what you expect from the ideal candidate. Specify the goals of the position and the qualification that you are looking for. If an applicant doesn’t meet the specific qualifications it will make the processing of refining the applications a lot quicker and easier,
  • Explain the roles responsibilities. Use understandable language to convey what the responsibilities of the successful applicant will be. This will help the individual to see if they can imagine themselves in the role that you are advertising. Format the information clearly using bullet points to establish the main points. Be direct and avoid vague terms that make it no like some responsibilities are unnecessary. When it comes to the duties involved, specify how frequently it will be required and outline the skills that the successful applicant will need to have.
  • Don’t forget to mention the salary and any benefits that come with the role. This is the information that applicants really want to know and by being communicative about this early on you’re more likely to attract hopeful candidates instead of waiting to go through the whole process of application, interview and offering of the job. If you can’t guarantee the wage, provide a range for the salary to allow for flexibility and explain that it will dependent on other factors. List both the tangible and intangible benefits that the successful applicant will enjoy, from vision coverage to an opportunity to grow personally.
  • Be clear about your company, your goals and your ethos. When you are open and honest about who you are as a business and the ethics you stand by, you will attract candidates who are going to support your vision and objectives.

Advertising Your Advertisement

So, now you’ve written an amazing job posting. You’ve highlighted the roles and responsibilities, listed the qualifications and used simple and clear language to get your point across. What are you going to do with this job advertisement? Where exactly are you going to post it? Gone are the days of notice boards in job centres or job descriptions in newspapers. The great things about job posting today is the great wealth of options you have when it comes to platforms on which to share your application.  There are some preening interesting places that work as alternatives to posting on a job board.

  • Professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Not only are you going to get faster results but it enables you to take a proactive role in seeking out the ideal candidate. Instead of waiting for the perfect employee to find you, you can headhunt the perfect employee yourself.
  • Use a widget like Lensa Connect to show off your job advertisements on other relevant websites. Learn more about Lensa Connect and how to showcase other companies’ job postings on your own site, which can help you earn some extra income.
  • Keep a record of previous applicants. When you have the consent of applicants, you can keep their details on record so that when a new role becomes available that’s better suited to their skill set, you can reach out. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Get on the social media band wagon. By using the right keywords and hashtags, combined with intrigued media, you can create a post that’s going to grab the attention of social media users. These advertisements are easily shared by users too so a lot of the work will be done by others who spot your post and pass it on to someone they think may be interested.
  • Ask around your current members of staff. You can even offer incentives to your employees for referring people from their professional network who would be a great asset to your team.
  • Make use of networking events. They’re not as stuffy and pointless as you may think. Jump into the pool of talent that’s circulating in your profess all circles. You might just connect with someone who changes the future of your business.
  • Keep contact with university professors. These are the people with their fingers on the button of up and coming talents. They might have someone who would be perfect for your company, someone in whom they see great potential to succeed.
  • Do some digging through niche groups on social media and discuss forums. This a great, informal way of getting a feel for the type of people who would fit your company.

There are currently 5.7 million people across the United States that are not counted in the labour force but are currently looking for work. The number of potential applicants is always growing so there will be no shortage of people desiring to apply for your vacant role. The hard work comes when you have to filter through the stacks of applications and narrow down the potential employees to a few realistic options. By making your job posting as detailed as possible, your refinement process will be a whole lot simpler.

Furthermore, to truly make a success of your job posting, you can use various software tools available that can simultaneously post a job advertisement to your chosen job boards in just one simple click. Any updates or amendments can be sent out to all channels. Job posting that was once a time consuming, tedious task is now an efficient, simple process that brings even great success. If you don’t know where to start, you can use templates from reliable sources that you can adapt to suit the job your advertising.

Published: July 27, 2022

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