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2 Overlooked Skills That Are More Important Than You Think

By: Carmen Jacob


Overlooked Skills That Are More Important

You could have gotten away with many things before the rise of the internet, but now to succeed in business, you must continually improve your skills and knowledge.

For that reason, I want to bring to your attention two of those essential skills that can make or break the success of your business that most people (usually) overlook.

  • The first one is to build your mental toughness.
  • The second one is to improve your nonverbal communication (body language).

The success of your business relies a lot on how strong you are mentally, how you know to control your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

When we talk about business, many times we use the word “ruthless” because there is this perception that your business success is directly related to how heartless and emotionless you can be.

Yet, it’s not a matter of feeling as little as possible (or anything at all) but knowing how to deal with what you feel.

Better mental toughness and strength will allow you to deal with (unavoidable) things like rejection, judgment, disappointment, and failure. Not only that but also to see more clearly where you should put the boundaries for your vanity and sense of entitlement.

There is no way to do business successfully without being (sometimes) rejected, judged, disappointed, and failing. Therefore, the question is not how to avoid those things to happen to you but to learn how to bounce back, be resilient and get what you want.

Increasing your mental toughness can help you transform your business from a small business to a big success.

Becoming mentally tougher gives you (internal) peace and contentment no matter what happens. Plus, puts order into your thoughts and emotions. That allows you to interact with others starting from a positive mindset—you don’t get frustrated and annoyed with people (employees and partners) because you understand better their limitations and why they ask or do what they do.

You, perhaps, know everything about your business; but do you know everything about yourself? What makes you tick, jump, emote, react, or take action?

If you need more convincing that you should improve your mental toughness, think about this:

Your business is as strong and future-proof as your emotions and actions are.

Now, what about nonverbal communication (body language)? How can it help your business?

There is no such thing as lack of communication because that, in reality, is miscommunication or misinterpretation.

Learn how to use body language to tailor your message to your audience.

Imagine this scenario: you have a great product to offer. What do you believe is making your offer more compelling? What do you say about the product? Or what your body posture says about you?

You see? Your body language sends the most persuasive message to your audience not only about you but your product as well. If you show yourself confident and self-assured, those around translate your confidence into confidence about the product.

Your body language tells those people you have to deal with how far they can push you; what are your strong and weak points; it makes them feel they can trust you or not; it gives them the desire (or not) to collaborate with you.

In a personal setting, learning body language can seem a luxury you can go without; on the other hand, in a business setting, learning body language is a must, a necessity.

Knowing the language of the human body makes you a master at presenting yourself and your product (offer and service) in the best light possible. Plus, it’s increasing your awareness about the people with which you interact (e.g., employees, business partners).

So, these are the two skills that can help you take your business from a small business to a big success:

  • Mastering your internal environment (thoughts and emotions), increasing your mental toughness
  • Mastering body language, know how to say what you want without words and understand what others say to you without words.
Published: April 17, 2018

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