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6 Crucial Steps to Take Before You Seek Investors for Your Business

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6 Crucial Steps to Take Before You Seek Investors

Investor support is one of the most pivotal aspects for small businesses. When you are looking to make it big as an entrepreneur your saved capital is not enough, and you will need help from people who find a future in you. But, there are 6 important things to keep in mind when it comes to attracting and securing a willing investor.

You Must Research

You must research every avenue of your business so that you are equipped enough to present a comprehensive overview of your business and answer any query raised. Investors are on the lookout for aspiring entrepreneurs who are sure about their business, market and niche audience. If you are not knowledgeable enough about your business, no investor could be confident about you. So, you must be thorough about your product or services, what makes them different from your competitors, the particular audience niche you are looking to target, the market trends you have to follow, how much ROI you are expecting, and so on.

Consistent Networking

To attract investors, you have to meet them first, which is fueled through consistent networking. Attend seminars, conferences, trade fairs and other business events where you can come in contact with potential investors. Stay in touch with them to further the relationship—your networking with the investors should not just stop with a formal greeting and exchange of numbers or cards at the business events.

Realistic Projections

The investors will ask you to project an estimate of revenue growth so that they can contemplate their investment possibilities. Too many entrepreneurs make the grave mistake of offering excessively high figures in order to lure investors. Your investors have been in business long before you came around and they are quick to identify unrealistic projections. Always be realistic with your projections because the last thing investors are looking for is dishonesty.

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Most Compatible

Not every investor you will meet while networking will be the right one for you. You have to find somebody who is actually interested in your industry and would be confident about you. The bottom line is to settle with the most compatible investor who will actually understand your typical business needs and challenges—and would be flexible enough to support them accordingly.

Be Methodical

Investors prefer entrepreneurs who are methodical in their approach, which assures discipline and order in any business. If you are not methodical, especially regarding finances, you will soon find yourself in a debt trap.

Be Detailed in Your Approach

You must know that there are several small business entrepreneurs like you out there vying for the same investor. In such a situation, every small detail of your business plan will be crucial in deciding your eligibility. You have to be detailed with your approach, whether it’s regarding your future goals, paperwork filing or demographic. Be meticulous, even with minor aspects like punctuation marks in your reports. You have to put your best foot forward to stand ahead of your competitors.

Author: Mariia Lvovych is a freelance writer and owner at GetReviewed.org, a product review blogger platform, offering world of exposure for businesses looking to get a shout out about their brand or new product.

Published: November 30, 2015

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