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What You Should Know About Penny Stocks

By: Ryan Tyson


What You Should Know About Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can present an intriguing opportunity to score quick profits, but trading in these low-cost investments is a risky venture. In general, the most profitable stocks are those that come from well-established, successful companies. These rarely come at a price point low enough to qualify as penny stocks. Penny stocks are often priced low because the company is struggling with financial difficulties. You may also find penny stocks that allow you to invest in new businesses that haven’t yet established a strong record of financial success.

The risk is high when you’re trading in penny stocks, but the investment can be low. If you’re interested in following your instinct to invest in an up-and-coming business that’s offering penny stocks, it may be a worthwhile endeavor to give this low-cost, short-term investment strategy a try. Before you make your purchase, however, you should consider your timing carefully. Buying stocks at the right moment is the key to achieving those impressive returns that you’re after. To time your purchase right, you need to follow the stock’s trends.

Watching penny stock trends will help you pick the perfect time to finally make that big purchase. Candlestick charts and line graphs can both help to paint a vivid picture of where the stock is headed. Within these charts, you need to watch for key patterns, like a double top, double bottom, or head-and-shoulders trend. These will clue you in to where the stock is headed and when you’ll find the best moment to buy.

Published: September 10, 2018

Source: Raging Bull

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