Wakas Javed

Wakas Javed is an Entrepreneur, Google Adwords Certified Partner, Marketing and Training Manager at Webspeed.co.uk. He is a Contributor @goodmenproject, @TechCoHQ and many authority websites where he shares professional experience about business startups and training. Follow @wakasjaved on Twitter.


3 Leaflet Marketing Distribution Tips That Will Draw Customers to Your Business in No Time

Leaflet marketing distribution is one of the most popular traditional marketing strategies. Not only that it is a cost-effective promotion option but, in today’s digital world, it is still very effective. According to research conducted…

It Takes a Balance of Creativity, Communication, and Technology to Make a Good Website

You’ve probably heard someone suggest that it’s important to have balance in your life, whatever your activity, your passion, or your business. This applies to holding on to the proven methods of the past and…