Stephanie Glanville

Stephanie Glanville is the Marketing Manager and Content Writer for TaxBandits. She enjoys researching and creating valuable content that helps small business owners tackle their business tax e-filing.



5 Simple Tips Employers and Insurance Providers Need for 2023 ACA Reporting

We are a few weeks into the new year, and employers and health insurance providers should begin their ACA (Affordable Care Act) reporting process if they haven’t already. This can be a lengthy and complex…

A Tax-Exempt Organization’s Guide to IRS Tax Filing

There is a common misconception about tax-exempt organizations and their IRS requirements. Most people don’t realize that even though these organizations are not required to pay taxes, their IRS reporting requirements are very complex. Nonprofit…


A Small Business Guide to Filing 1099 Series Forms in 2022

As a small business owner, there is an endless list of tasks at any given time. Running your own business often means wearing many different hats and playing many different roles. One of the most…