Oliver Hammond

Oliver Hammond is a Senior Analyst and is a member of the SyndicateRoom sales and due diligence team. Alongside his more general role, Oli also specialises in social impact and film opportunities where he leads SyndicateRoom's efforts in these sectors. He reaches out to potential clients and analyses investment opportunities before they are accepted onto the SyndicateRoom platform. Oli is former West End banking expert and previously co-founded a shipping container company. Oli has a passion for early-stage companies, and previously worked at an ambitious startup that aimed to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs through an app. Oli left the University of Kent in 2014 with a BA (hons) in War Studies and enjoys playing football and rugby. Follow @SyndicateRoom on Twitter and Facebook.


What’s In It for Me? A Summary of Social Impact Tax Reliefs

Interested in injecting an ethical component to your investing? Well, we have good news – with the SITR, you can have your cake and eat it too. So-called ‘impact investing,’ in which investors aim not only…