Marc-André Pépin

Dr. Marc-André Pépin is an accomplished investment specialist renowned for his expertise in global investment strategies. He is the founder and CEO of Invescap SA, a private investment firm based in Geneva, where he provides clients with innovative financial solutions that have earned the company accolades and recognition in the industry. Dr. Pépin has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, an MBA in Finance from Imperial College in London, and a Ph.D. in Finance and Economics from the United States. He held a Vice President position at JP Morgan & Co., where he managed the company's investment and asset allocation, and was later CEO of Real Value Management, achieving a top 2% ranking for the company in the Bloomberg fund universe. As a senior portfolio manager at LGT Capital Management and Clariden-Leu Bank, Dr. Pépin collaborated with stakeholders and investment managers to deliver measurable performance growth. Invescap SA, under his leadership, has become a leading provider of high-yielding financial solutions, with Wealth and Finance International Magazine recognizing the company's investment products as the "Best Investment Products" in 2015. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter


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