Buffie Edick

Buffie Edick is a freelance writer for websites with small business, fitness, and real estate content. She is a contributing author for Young Klein and Associates.


The Small Business Non-Compete Agreement: Why It’s a Good Idea

Employees are often trusted with confidential and sensitive material while under your employment. But what happens when they are no longer working for the company, or have left for a competitor, taking all that valuable information with them?

Simple Partnership Start-Up Tips

When a business venture involves forming a partnership, following a few simple tips prior to start-up will help protect everyone involved. Whether your partnership is for a long-term commitment or a short-lived union, these following 5 strategies can ensure a happy and successful legal partnership.

The Basics of Partnerships

Partnerships consist of an association of two or more persons who assume co-ownership of a business for profit. While partnerships are relatively easy to set-up, there are some basic tips that if followed can lead to a long-lasting and rewarding partnership.

How to Protect Your Business Idea

Your ideas can be as valuable to you as your physical property and protecting them should be something every business owner, inventor, or entrepreneur takes into consideration. Before you pitch your idea, there are some things to keep in mind about protecting your creativity.