Adele Crane

Adele Crane is CEO of Sales Focus Advisory and a 2020 Top 100 Australian Business Professional. CEOs and Managing Directors have relied on Adele Crane to solve challenges with the performance of their sales and marketing since 1990. Her consulting experience in delivering results in 90-120 days is unprecedented by any other known sales and marketing consulting professional in the world. As an author of 3 acclaimed books, appearances on major media, and publications in USA, NZ and Australia, Adele's experience brings fresh thinking and contemporary practices to business. Contact her on LinkedIn.


A Complete Guide to Sales-Ready Leads

Over 60% of marketers send unqualified leads to salespeople. When leads aren’t qualified, they’re not sales-ready. But what are sales-ready leads, and how do they differ from market-qualified leads (MQL)? Read this complete guide to…