Opening a small business is an alluring enterprise for countless Americans with ambition and a dream. Successfully running your own startup, however, requires extensive research, adequate resources, and a combination of street smarts and business savvy. Nearly 50% of small business owners fail within the first five years, due to some avoidable mistakes. This infographic examines some of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make during their high risk journey into entrepreneurship.
Avoiding Small Business Pitfalls

Author: Established in 1974, Names and Numbers was founded by Mr. Ken Brock. In the beginning, Mr. Brock organized all aspects of the small independent directory company including sales, production, marketing, and distribution. Daring to dream, Mr. Brock moved the business from Springfield, Missouri to his hometown of Pittsburg, Kansas, where he operated Names and Numbers out of his home. More than 40 years later, Names and Numbers’ vision continues to be successful, producing award-winning directories containing an abundance of useful local information.