Stop Data Breaches from Ruining Your Business

One of the hardest things about running a small business is compliance. You have to operate under the same rules and restrictions as large...

How Bitcoin Investing Can Help Your Small Business

Small business owners always need cash. They are always trying to find new revenue streams, especially when they are looking to launch a new...

Malware Performs Suspected Man-in-the-Middle Attack on Secure Connections

The term "man-in-the-middle attack" might not ring a bell for most people because this attack is one of those extremely rare incidents. They are presented in the form of certificate warnings every time a victim visits a site on secure connection.

Protecting Your Business from the Most Common Methods of Cyber Attack

Cyber criminals have gotten smarter—so must you. Here are some of the most common attacks your organization will likely face, and how to defend against them.

5 Vital Steps for Small Business Cyber Security

In the Medieval times—the age, not the dinner theater—all they had to worry about were the bugs that lived on rats. Today we have to contend with super bugs that resist the most powerful antibiotics, along with bugs, viruses,Trojan Horses, malware and hackers that plague the virtual world.

Powerful Snake Virus Infects Ukrainian Computers

Under the Snake virus, hackers gain complete access to infected systems. They can take control of the computers to use for spying or tampering, and the virus can be used as a digital military base by foreign invaders.

The World of Social Engineering When Vishing and Smishing Attack

Have you ever received a phone call from someone pretending to be your banker or phone company only to discover it was a scam?...

2 Golden Rules of Small Business Security

Keeping your data secure can be an intimidating task, especially as you hear about all the possible threats. But don’t be overwhelmed by the task. These are the two most important tips for small business security. Whatever else you do, make sure these are part of your strategy.

EZ Tips to a Perfect Password

The rules governing passwords and what is considered reasonably safe are pretty well understood. However, a survey in 2013 showed that of a random sampling of 1,000 internet users, fully 77% had passwords that could be broken by off-the-shelf software in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Get Hurt by Social Engineering

Defending yourself against social engineering requires some special diligence from the top-down, but it's completely manageable if you're willing to put the work in. Here are three quick tips that every business owner should follow in order to tighten up their security...

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