1 Important Marketing Update to Know NOW

There’s a recent and very important marketing update you should know about for your small-medium business or nonprofit organization. It will require action. General Data Protection...

Malware Performs Suspected Man-in-the-Middle Attack on Secure Connections

The term "man-in-the-middle attack" might not ring a bell for most people because this attack is one of those extremely rare incidents. They are presented in the form of certificate warnings every time a victim visits a site on secure connection.

Why Your Company Should Implement Single Sign-On

Digital has replaced analog in terms of recording and reporting at work. While such technology is a nod toward increasing speed and reach, it...

Almost Half of Phishing Attacks are IT Related

Employees should be educated about the risks of phishing attacks, and learn to deny requests for authentication credentials, even from the IT department.

Digital Security: Effective Data Protection Tools for Businesses

Protecting crucial business data has always been important. But in this new world where major companies are hacked on a seemingly weekly basis, businesses...

Are Your Employees Compromising Your Cyber-Security?

It does not matter what your view on the modern technologies in business is; if you are a business owner or in a management position of some kind, you will come into contact with the online world and your company will have at least some sort of a web-presence—perhaps only to the extent of storing data and sharing documents online.

The Pros and Cons of the Hybrid Cloud

Surrendering your onsite infrastructure for an offsite cloud strategy can feel like a bold leap of faith. Both executives and IT directors alike are...

Why Your Password is the Next to Get Nabbed

In a world where "password" is still among the top five most popular recorded passwords, it's no wonder that they're getting nabbed left and right. Our whole lives revolve around passwords.

5 Vital Steps for Small Business Cyber Security

In the Medieval times—the age, not the dinner theater—all they had to worry about were the bugs that lived on rats. Today we have to contend with super bugs that resist the most powerful antibiotics, along with bugs, viruses,Trojan Horses, malware and hackers that plague the virtual world.

7 Tested Tips to Keep Your Company’s Data Secure

It seemed like everyone I knew got a new credit card last year, and it wasn't because of great introductory offers or frequent flyer miles. Instead, they were issued a fresh card after the onslaught of security hacking scandals in 2013.

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