How to Avoid a Data Disaster

Data loss can have a devastating impact on small businesses. In fact, 20% of small to medium businesses will suffer a major disaster causing loss of critical data every 5 years.

9 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe on Public WiFi

If you occasionally work in coffee shops for a change of pace, or travel frequently for your small business, you’ve probably connected your laptop or tablet to a public WiFi network. After all, it’s convenient and, in many locations, free. What’s not to like?

Embracing Cloud Security [Infographic]

We've all heard about recent data breaches of the cloud in the news. If you're considering using the cloud for your business, this recent news may be causing you to shy away. There are security solutions for the cloud, and they are effective and easy to use.

Are You Ready to Journey to the Cloud?

Cloud-savvy businesses are 2-3 times more likely to build a competitive advantage and can double their revenue growth from the cloud. At the same...

Are Your Employees Compromising Your Cyber-Security?

It does not matter what your view on the modern technologies in business is; if you are a business owner or in a management position of some kind, you will come into contact with the online world and your company will have at least some sort of a web-presence—perhaps only to the extent of storing data and sharing documents online.

How Can You Tell if Your Customers’ Data is Safe?

If you’re like most businesses, you collect at least some customer data (whether you realize it or not). That might be an intensive process,...

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Business Security

Whatever the size or nature of your business, ensuring the security of your staff, premises and property is going to be of the utmost importance.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Home Safety

Home security and social media can be a dangerous mix. Today’s technology and the prevalence of apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have become...

Critical Steps for Protecting Customer Data in Your Small Business

Protecting customer data in your small business takes good planning, training and vigilance because serious threats come from all sides: Hardware, Software, People, and Systems. Hardware “Skimmers” are responsible for...

Do You Have the Power to Protect Your Small Business?

It's not just big businesses that attract hackers and cyber-crime—security breaches are a worrying trend for small businesses. So what can you do to protect your small business against this growing concern and minimize the risk of a data breach?

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