Top 3 PC Security Software Programs to Protect Your Data

Keeping your computer safe and secure is definitely a top priority for anyone who works online. After all, your business is riding on the information contained in your system. The bad news is, there are some unscrupulous people in the world that take pleasure in hacking into other people's computers or even in sending viruses in a malicious manner.

Why Your Password is the Next to Get Nabbed

In a world where "password" is still among the top five most popular recorded passwords, it's no wonder that they're getting nabbed left and right. Our whole lives revolve around passwords.

5 Simple Steps to Minimize the Risk of a Cyber-Attack

Every day, it seems another security breach makes headline news. While big companies make the news headlines, the real targets are small businesses just like yours.

The Best Business Security Advice

Business security needs are highly specialized, as compared to residential security. As such, securing a commercial facility goes beyond installing fancy gadgets. It requires some common sense and detailed strategy to come up with a comprehensive security plan.

Critical Steps for Protecting Customer Data in Your Small Business

Protecting customer data in your small business takes good planning, training and vigilance because serious threats come from all sides: Hardware, Software, People, and Systems. Hardware “Skimmers” are responsible for...

4 Essentials for Business Technology Management

Proper business technology management is imperative in the information age. It plays a huge role in helping businesses find success. Overall, technology is what...

The World of Social Engineering When Vishing and Smishing Attack

Have you ever received a phone call from someone pretending to be your banker or phone company only to discover it was a scam?...

4 Technology Disasters Businesses Should Know How to Avoid

Technology is now an inherent part of almost every company, and that is why a tech mishap can quickly evolve into a disaster. Here are four of the most common catastrophes that take place with businesses and a look at how they can be avoided.

Building an Information Security Plan

Do you know what sensitive data your company has, or what you are doing to protect it? An Information Security Plan is a document outlining all this information in a clear way so that everyone in your organization understands potential risks, precautions, and protocols for data breaches.

Essential Solutions for Safer Online Transactions

Doing business online can be risky. Online banking websites, online shopping, and an endless supply of apps that want your credit card details are...

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