When is a Corporation Not a Corporation?

Most taxpayers are aware that an organization must submit papers to a state official, usually the Secretary of State in order to obtain a...

Sole Proprietorship: Is the Risk Worth It?

If you are considering starting a business, the simplest and least expensive form of business is a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is a...

The Top States for Low and No Corporate Income Tax

There are a number of considerations that a business owner may take into account when deciding upon the best state in which to incorporate....

Protect Your Family & Your Business with the Right Legal Entity

It's common to think, "I'll wait until we grow some before I spend the money to form a corporation or LLC." But delay in selecting the right legal entity when starting a small business can wind up costing a lot of money in higher taxes, as well as creating a potential legal disaster for the entrepreneur's family.

Running More Than One Business? How to Set Up Multiple Business Ventures

If you're running multiple business projects, you've probably been stumped on what's the best way to structure all these ventures. Should you form one corporation to cover them all? Should you form an LLC for each one?

Celebrate with CorpNet.com: Free LLC and Incorporation Packages

July 2014 marks the fifth year CorpNet.com has helped entrepreneurs start a business. To show their appreciation to the entrepreneurial community, CorpNet is launching a special offer all of July.

5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Your Business

Incorporation provides your business with a legal structure, declaring it an entity separate from you, the owner. Whether you form a corporation or LLC there are many advantages to consider.

LLC or Corporation: What’s Better?

Many entrepreneurs just starting a business or considering changing their current business’ structure come to us wondering: What’s the difference between an LLC and Corporation?...

Starting a Business? 3 Documents You Never Thought You Needed

While starting a business is an exciting endeavor, it does consist of some unexciting elements, like properly filing the required legal documents. Although it’s...

Small Biz Interviews: Reaching for the Sky

Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan opened a Sky Ting, a yoga studio in Chinatown, just over a year ago. Lifelong dancers, they both got into...

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