3 Reasons Non-Disclosure Agreements Aren’t All Bad

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are the Lex Luthor of business contracts—controversial, seemingly self-serving, revered by their supporters and lambasted by their detractors, and it’s the...

7 Key Follow-Up Steps to Take Your Idea to a Business

In my experience with entrepreneurs, there seems to a wealth of self-proclaimed “idea people” who aspire to start businesses, but only a few who...

The Real Life of a Hardware Startup Founder

When does it make sense to launch a hardware startup? For Jason Morlon, it’s when the demands of career overtake the joys of life—and...

8 Things to Do After You Incorporate a Business

If you've created a formal business structure for your business, then you know you've taken a big step toward protecting your personal assets and setting the foundation for your business. But you might be wondering what's next.

S Corporation: What Are the Benefits?

An S Corporation or S Corp is an eligible domestic corporation that has elected to be treated as an S Corporation for tax purposes. S Corporations avoid double taxation on corporate income.

Are You Still Using Your Personal Bank Account for Your Business?

For the small business owner, there's typically little separation between business and personal. You bring your work home (or you may even work from home). You've probably invested your own money in the business, or skipped a pay check or two to keep the business going.

S Corp vs. LLC: Simple as Choosing Salt or Pepper?

When choosing an operating entity for a company, it is very important that we thoroughly research the options available. Your business can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership with someone else, a single member LLC, a pass-through entity like an S Corporation or it can be a C corporation.

Starting a Business? 3 Documents You Never Thought You Needed

While starting a business is an exciting endeavor, it does consist of some unexciting elements, like properly filing the required legal documents. Although it’s...

How Long Does It Take to File for a DBA?

It’s been our experience that, for the most part, timeliness is second only to price for many of our customers. And interestingly enough, customers tend to be concerned mostly with how long it takes to file for one of three things: DBA ‘Doing Business As’ names, copyrights, and trademarks.

How Do I Patent My Mobile App Idea?

So, you have come up with a great mobile app idea and you want to protect your idea with a patent. What do you...

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