What to Keep in Mind During Your First Year as an S Corp

Lots of business owners opt for the S Corp option because of the limited liability protection, the ability to raise money by selling shares, and to gain credibility.

5 Tips and 2 Warnings for Choosing Your Small Business Name

Shakespeare said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. However, some business names can be real stinkers. Therefore, if I may invoke a line from another famous production—Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade—choose wisely!

How Does a Business Adopt a “Fictitious Name” or DBA?

There are many reasons why a business may want a DBA. For sole proprietors and partnerships, the legal name of their business is their personal name. For those who do not want to use their personal name as their business name, a DBA may be of some value.

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Viable Business

We all have hobbies, but few of us are lucky enough to be able to earn a living doing the thing that we love. Nonetheless,...

5 Expert Tips for Trademarking Your Startup

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” - Steve Jobs A startup could be considered a simple belief—a belief that you have a...

Sole Proprietor vs LLC: 7 Things You Need to Know

When you first make the decision to go into business for yourself, it’s an exciting moment. You’re probably not thinking about all the logistics...

Timing Is Everything: When to Assemble a Board of Directors for Your Business

You may not think your company needs extra oversight, but even a small business can benefit from the guidance and structure a board can provide. As long as your board is made up of the right people, the same will hold true for you.

Celebrate with CorpNet.com: Free LLC and Incorporation Packages

July 2014 marks the fifth year CorpNet.com has helped entrepreneurs start a business. To show their appreciation to the entrepreneurial community, CorpNet is launching a special offer all of July.

An Overview of S-Corporations

The S-corporation is the most popular tax entity in the United States and the number of S-corps is increasing faster than any other type of entity. A for-profit, state-chartered corporation may elect S Corp status.

How to Name Your Business

A name is the cornerstone of your business—it sets the stage for your branding and identity. Just imagine if Target still went by its original name: The Dayton Dry Goods Company. If you're about to start a business (or maybe are thinking about rebranding an existing business), you've probably been brainstorming for the perfect name.

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