Home-Based Franchises and Your Home

Home-based franchises have some real advantages. If you go with a home-based franchise opportunity, you don't have to rent an office, commute, or deal with all the myriad issues that go with a business location.

Gaining Financing for a Franchise is Getting Easier

It is easy to see why getting franchise loans may be somewhat easier than gaining financing for other types of small businesses. Franchises, to some degree, come with their own set of marketing research and sort of a ready-made business plan that takes a lot of work out of the business owner's hand. It also mitigates a lot of risk for the lenders.

Franchising: The Advantages and Drawbacks

There are many advantages to buying a franchise over starting a business from scratch. Ordinarily a franchise offers the owner a degree of security and stability, with help, advice, and support at hand should any problems arise. There are drawbacks, however, such as the restrictions on what you can and can't do with the business being a prime example.

Franchise Opportunities and Negative Reviews

You're researching franchise opportunities and you see a negative review. What does this mean to you as a potential franchisee? What does it tell you about the business?

Understanding Franchise Territories

When it comes to franchise territories, bigger doesn't always mean better. Here are tips from Franchise Solutions on understanding franchise territories when considering buying a franchise.

Choosing a Franchise: Executive or Technician?

The American Dream—owning your own business—is the source of plenty of great stories. One is the story of the technician: the lady who makes such great cupcakes that all her friends encourage her to open a bakery. The alternative is the executive style franchise.

5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Finding a Business to Own

Franchise Solutions offers some mistakes you'll want to avoid when finding a business.

Franchising and the Government Shutdown

Will your franchise business plan be affected by the government shutdown? It's possible.

Why Buy a Franchise Instead of Starting Something Yourself?

If you are reading this, you are thinking of jumping off the treadmill and going it alone. Congratulations! For me, starting a business was the best career decision I ever made. The second best career decision was buying a franchise. Is a franchise right for you, though? That depends.

Things to Consider Before Becoming an Absentee Owner

When you hear the term "absentee owner," a picture of a venture capitalist in a three-piece suit might come to mind, but that isn't always the case.

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