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What Comes After You Have Your  On-Page SEO Handled?

By: Aaron Lee


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Entrepreneurs across the world are pivoting to digital business models with newfound levels of enthusiasm. Much of this is due to the ongoing social distancing measures, which have shut down many in-person commercial interactions.

This has led to a surge in demand for SEO services that can help business owners and hardworking corporate professionals ensure that their web pages are up to snuff for the modern era. Many business owners make the right choice to invest in on-page SEO. Unfortunately, subsequently they think they’ve finished the job and fail to dedicate any more attention to the optimization of their digital presence. Now more than ever, knowing what comes after on-page SEO could make or break your commercial success.

Here’s a review of why on-page SEO is so crucial toward your eventual success, and what to focus on after you’ve mastered its secrets.

Site speed still matters

Many entrepreneurs were totally unfamiliar with the secrets of SEO just a few years ago, but now, having invested in on-page SEO, think they’re digital gurus who’ve done everything within their power to optimize their websites. In truth, many of them have taken some much-needed steps but failed to complete the entirety of their SEO journey because doing so would take time, money, and energy they’re unwilling to part ways with.

If you don’t want to be left behind by the competition, you have to understand that on-page SEO is simply the start of a longer SEO journey that will culminate in better search result rankings and additional commerce for your brand.

Such things like site speed still matter, so don’t allow yourself to put that on the backburner as you pursue other SEO goals.  Nevertheless, when you feel as if you’ve dedicated enough time and resources towards the perfecting of your on-page SEO, you should also consider the follow special areas which deserve plenty of attention themselves if you want to outcompete your competitors when it comes to the search engine result pages.

Have you considered the importance of optimizing your website for voice search? These days, more and more customers are relying on their smartphones and smart-home devices like Amazon’s Alexa when it comes to fulfilling their commercial desires.

Brands which fail to realize that more consumers are relying on voice search technology will soon find themselves left in the dust. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with 8 seperate ways to optimize your website for voice search technology, as this will help you meet the future regardless of what forthcoming market trends shake up your business plan.

Even something as simple as investing in long-form content that’s a few thousand words will lead to better voice search SEO for your company’s website. Fail to take this into consideration, and you’ll inevitably fall behind the competition.

Consider the needs of mobile users

Beside honing your voice search SEO, your website should also be considering the needs of mobile users, as young consumers in particular are likely to rely upon their smartphones when it comes to finding nearby businesses they want to patronize. Far too many entrepreneurs, especially those which own small businesses focused on local customers, ignore the importance of mobile-friendly SEO tactics that ensure mobile users can find actionable information on your site quickly.

According to some reports, mobile traffic makes up nearly half of all of Google’s search traffic. Other major search engines are also increasingly dependent upon mobile searches. It’s thus crucial to learn about making your site mobile-friendly if you want customers to find the data they’re looking for in a reliable fashion.

Otherwise, they’ll quickly turn to the websites of your competitors who invested more wisely in SEO than you did. Business owners who fail to invest in companies that value SEO like Yeah-Local and others, are shooting themselves in the foot at a time when every little bit of commerce counts.

On-page SEO is incredibly important, but it’s only the first step in your SEO journey, rather than the first-and-last SEO task that many amateur entrepreneurs take it for. Remember to invest in voice search compatibility and ensure that your website is easy to navigate from the perspective of a mobile user. Before long, you’ll see improvements to your search engine results that guarantee you plentiful business at a time when every penny earned matters.

Published: July 22, 2020

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