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Realizing the Value of IT for Your Small Business


IT (Information Technology) offers a spectrum of opportunities to progress a small business to the next level. Some technologies are extremely effective at improving productivity and minimizing downtime.However, all small businesses are unique, and each operation demands a different approach to utilizing technology. Compiled here are a few insights to help you evaluate your company’s need for information technology, or perhaps the services of an IT consultant.

Improve Business Productivity & Customer Service

Countless research studies have shown that well-undertaken IT consulting services can significantly improve productivity in a business. Professionals in this field are highly adept at pinpointing weaknesses in output, such as productivity bottlenecks or bouts of downtime that may hinder the quality of customer service. Depending on the type of small business, employing certain technologies can maximize efficiency and empower output.

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Communicate More Efficiently

In almost any business operation, whether large or small, communication is essential. Whether to complete projects in a timely manner or provide optimal customer service, efficient communication can be better realized with the aid of technology.

Such technologies that can promote effective communication in a small business include:

  • Software programs and online solutions to collaborate, complete tasks, and share messages and data. This can be as simple as an internal email network or online project management program for data sharing (such as Basecamp or Drop Box.)
  • Tangible computer platforms and IT systems, such as monitors, PC’s, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Phone technologies that enable remote teleconferencing, Internet-based phone lines, and other efficiencies that streamline communication in the workplace.

Provide Internal Insights & Clarity

For new small business, the investment in IT consulting services can offer some level of clarity and insights to better optimize the workflow of an organization. By breaking-down operational processes into small tasks and responsibilities, employee roles can be more clearly defined, managed, and improved upon. As a result, small businesses can pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies, while determining which technologies that can offer a sound solution.

Identify & Crystallize Needs for Growth

As a small business evolves, often times there is a tendency to find new ways to grow and become more dominant in the local market space. Adoption of select IT systems and other tech-based processes can either advance a company to the next level, or distort the true vision and mission of a business. This is why the help of a professional IT consultant can help identify honest needs for growth (particularly during times of success and desired expansion).

Published: June 6, 2013

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